Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Flower Garden on a Styrofoam Ball

My latest project was found at this here blog, House Of Smiths. I decided to make 3 for my room (only one is finished. Very time consuming!) 

Sorry about some of the blurry pictures. I am not talented when it comes to picture taking.

Here is all the supplies. Styrofoam balls, crepe paper, toothpicks, hot glue, and ribbon.

1st step in making it is
Cut 24 in. strips of crepe paper and tear it

2nd step, take a toothpick and add a bit of hot glue. 

Then start rolling the crepe paper. After about 5 rolls around stop.

Then start "rolling and folding" to make it look like a rose

When you get to the end just add a dab of glue. 
Then stick your flower into your styrofoam ball!

Make sure to leave a hole for the ribbon!
At first it looks weird but in the end it looks GREAT!
Here is my finished one

Pictures of the final project will be coming!
<3 Megan


Two Girls and a Gluegun said...


Two Girls and a Gluegun said...

I am going to make one!

Anonymous said...

I did not make one but I <3 it! I am commenting on every one now!

Amanda said...

That is so cool!!

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