Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

New thing! As many Fridays as we can we will post our favs. We are trying to get a little creative in our blogging :) If you have any "what is your favorite..." questions you can email us or leave a comment!(PLEASE sign your name on your comment! Helps out a lot!)

Todays questions came from Jordan!

What is your favorite ice cream?

What is your favorite color?
Orange. It usually changes every once in a while, but it has been orange for quite some time!

What is your favorite restaurant?
I got 2. 
Subway= trying to be skinning and eating cheap, but yet getting delicious food!
Applebees= trying to spend quite some money, but getting yummy food!

What is your favorite store?
O boy! Got many!!
My favorite craft stores are hobby lobby and Michaels.

Favorite clothes stores. Really anything but I like looking at Old Navy online, and Deliah's. But Deliah's is a little pricy in some areas
Favorite Grocery store, Meijer and Aldi
I guess I don't really know what a good grocery store is, but that is where my mother shops the most.

Favorite place to get cute jewelry, Khols.
To be honest, I haven't gotten any jewelry from there yet. But Jennie has cute jewelry and goes to Khols, so that is my fav. too! 
Here are my favorite necklaces (ya I know, a lot)

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?
Swim. That is really all I/we do in the summer.

What is you favorite season?
I like em all for different reasons!
Winter: Snow fun to play in and lots of snow days :)
Spring: WARMER! (over 50˚ yesterday!) 
Summer: no school
Fall: PRETTY! And just right in the temperature.

What is your favorite Dessert
Grandma Compagner's ice cream cake!

What is your favorite thing in general to do?



Jordan said...

hehe, were my questions okay?

Taylor said...

They were GREAT!

Megan said...

Yes they were great!!

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