Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Leprechaun Day!

Happy Leprechaun Day everyone! Hope you didn't get pinched! 
Here's what I did so I wouldn't get pinched (I have no green clothing. Yes I only did my left thumb too)

Snazzy, huh!?
Since we are one the topic of Saint Patties Day I will share 10 random things about me when it comes to green and stuff. 
(Yes I know rather pathetic but I haven't posted in a while and ya.)

1. I have never had one of these before... but I really want to try one!

2. Like I said before, I have no green clothing. (WOW! Amazing!)
3. My eyes are green (I am running out of things... haha)
4. 2 walls in our living room are green, and our bathroom is green too.
5. At school we have a really pretty green wall between the lobby area and the auditorium and gym stuff.
6. Green is not my favorite color. Orange is.
7. I don't like the color lime green... at all! To bright!
8. I am not a touch of Irish
9. I like green houses. (most of them)
10. My color background thing on email is green.

There are 10 green things about me! 

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