Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rosy Posy Necklace Tutorial

Today I made a necklace, from 2 inspirations: Taylor's necklace, and the flower The Ann from Blooming Creations. It is called Rosy Posy Necklace cause I didn't have anything else to name it.

What you need
Old shirt/cloth
Needle and Thread
Glue gun
Felt (optional. I didn't use it b/c we had none but still made it work!)
I think that is it

I used a pink shirt that had a mysterious stain on it.

Cut off the bottom (like Taylor did) and set them aside (for the straps)

Then measure 1 1/2 inches on the shirt, cut across to get a strip

Fold it in 1/2
Put some hot glue at the ends (it will make sense at the end of the flower process)

Start sewing.

When you think you have sewed enough, pull the thread so it gets all scrunched up.

 Play around with the scrunch to make sure you are happy with the size of the flower.

Cut the scrunch away from the rest of the cloth....

DO NOT tie your thread! Instead glue it to a place where it will stay nice.
Then you can trim the extra thread

BEWARE... next part is tricky. At least I found it tricky.

"Twist" the scrunch to make it into a flower shape. (that isn't the tricky part)

Take the hot glued part (one of the 1st steps in making the flower) and glue it to the back of the flower for extra strength :)

Go to the front of the flower, you may have to glue more parts of the flower. Just depends on how well it was made :)

Then you got a flower!

After you made enough flowers take the bottom of the shirt that you set aside and tie it to make the chain of the necklace and arrange your flowers on it.

Then glue the flowers to the string, and to each other.

If you used felt this is the time to put it on the back.
If you didn't, follow these next steps.

Cut off a sleeve of the shirt and roll it up.

Glue it on the back of the necklace where it isn't as strong.

The finished product!



Taylor said...

<3 that pillow (haha)

Jordan said...

that is really cute,

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