Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Saint Patties Day Craft

I know Saint Patrick's day is rather far away, but I found a craft of how to make 4 leaf clovers on The Crafting Chicks. Very nice crafts on that blog. I usually don't celebrate Saint Patties day b/c   1. I am not Irish    2. Well sorry but I think it is rather pointless. (sorry if I offended anyone) But this year I seem to be getting into the more "not-so-important-holidays". Anyways, I found those 4 leaf clovers and thought "Perfect I have been looking for a Saint Patties day craft for Rachel (who I think is a leprechaun). I made these 4 leaf clovers but instead of making a banner like it shows on the blog I made a flower pot to go along with it.

Cut strips of green paper out.

 Fold the paper in half

3rd, make it into a heart shape and staple it

Make four for one clover

Staple all the clovers together on their sides

Glue a stick to the back for the stem (I use chopsticks)

For the flower pot
I used a pop cup
Get some cute green paper. Kinda measure it to fit the cup, cut it out. Put a line of glue on and start wrapping it around the cup. Once you get about half way, cut off the paper b/c it will be easier in the future. 

Do the same process over with the extra paper except don't cut anything.

Here is the cup with the paper.

Fill the cup with green stuff (I did mints and green apple jolly ranchers, oh and I put an Irish fortune paper in.)

On the front put a nice little note/words on to cover up where you cut the paper.

Stick your flowers in and there ya' go. I must say, it is rather cute!!

I think it turned out cute! So there is your present Rachel (if you are reading) hope you like it!  


Two Girls and a Gluegun said...

Just darlin!
Do i get one?

<3 Taylor

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT !!!!

Rachel said...

Megan I am reading. It is very cute I love it!

Ellisa said...


Ellisa said...

very cute....... love it

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