Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bows and Bow-ties

Last week I made bows and tow-ties. I got the how to's on a blog, but I can't find the blog back. WOOPS! So I will just say, I can not take full credit for this idea. I added words on the pictures to explain some steps a little more.

What You Need
Sewing machine (or if you aren't professional like me, hot glue)
Measuring tool
Writing utensil 
Velcro (bow-tie only)

What you cut
3x20 (bow)
3.5x3 (around the middle of the bow)
What ever length you need x3 (strap)
*NOTE: If you are making the bow you do not make the strap*

1. Cut out a 3x20

2. Fold it like this... (with the print inside)

3. Then, Sew or Hot glue

4. Turn inside out, like so

5. It should come out looking something like this

6. Then,

7. Fold the two ends, meeting in the middle 

8. Play around with the shape until you get the bow sort a look

Then you glue (or sew) the middle up.

For the middle band

Cut a 3.5x3

You then follow steps 2-6
Then twist/wrap the middle band around the middle of the bow

And secure it with hot glue or whatever

And your finished!

Bow tie strap
I did not take pics. making the strap.
You follow steps 1-6 from the bow. Then attach velcro on the ends.



Taylor said...

I <3 mine!

Tara said...

nice model :)

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