Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cake and Redone Bookshelf!

Okay, so I would have posted this like a week ago, but I was never able to get the pictures to load!

I had Melanie over a few weeks ago and she made a cake for me and my sisters b-day.

Here is what it turned out like:

It is darling right?!?


Well we also made/redid my bookshelf!

I do not have a before picture but if I did it would just be plain white. 

The new and redone bookshelf...
(sorry do not know how to turn the picture)

We just used scrapbook paper and cut out letters from the cricket. 

Have a great Saturday! 

<3 Taylor


Anonymous said...

LUV IT !!!!

Megan said...

I just ADORE your bookshelf!!!
You know where you can get rid of it if you ever need to :) and your desk.
<3 Megan

Jordan said...

cute t!

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