Saturday, April 2, 2011

Magnet boards, Jewelry boards, and a Pretty cake


My latest project was a magnet board and a jewelry board. They were both made the same, just decorated a little different.
(tutorial making the jewelry board)

We had this magnet stuff, I just cut a big 'ol  piece out with a fancy cutter thing.

Then I folded over the edges just so the board wouldn't lean up and scratch the wall.

Next I painted it with the blue paint let over from my room

I let it dry and then put a coat of modge podge over.

For the clips I used close pins. I did 3 with craft paper and 2 painted pink.

What you need for the clips
-cute paper
-foam brush
-modge podge

First cut trace the paper clip on the paper.

Then do a coat of modge podge and put the paper on the modge podge.

Then do another coat over top of the paper.

For the paint ones, just paint the clips and let dry

After that I hot glued on some super dupe strong magnets (for the jewelry board... for the magnet board I used wimpy magnets cause they would just hold pics.)

I decided to put on scrapbook paper cause they magnets were taking off the paint (not so sure why)

Next I hung it up using commands (handy dandy little things)

The finished product

(Jewelry board)

(Magnet board)

For this one, I cut out the f-r-i-e-n-d-s with a cricut
(oh how I love cricuts)

Now for pretty cake.
Today Melanie made a super cute cake, I just had to post pictures

Cute right! Delicious too!


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Amanda said...

I love it!

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