Friday, May 13, 2011

Adorable no-sew felt flower pillow

I lied. I will not be posting the fun project I said I would post over the weekend, because I ran out of cardboard. (yes cardboard. But I promise you, it is darlin.) But instead I decided to make that fun pillow I told you guys about. I am hoping to repaint my room over the summer, brown, pink, and green. So I am making little decorations here and there.
 Here is the tutorial for the pillow. 
The idea came from Natsprat, but the tutorial came from here. I tweeked it a little. So this is how I did it. If you want to do it the other way, go to the tutorial.

What you need for the whole project
Pillow you would like to dress up
Felt (I used 2 1/2 sheets of brown and then less than 1/2 sheet of pink)
Hot glue 
A large circle tracer (used a cup)
A medium circle tracer (used a yogurt cup)
Writing utensil (I used chalk for brown, and a pink marker for pink)

The way I did it there are kind of two parts, so we will start with the first part. 
The flower petals.
What you need
Felt (I used 2 1/2 sheets)
Hot glue
Your 2 different size circle tracers
Writing utensil

First cut out 8 large circles, and 6 medium (I did 4 large and 2 medium per sheet of felt, then ended up using 1/2 of another sheet for 2 more medium circles)

Then cut the circles in half

Start arranging your half circles  on the pillow *DO NOT GLUE.... YET*. I started out with 9 large for the 1st layer. Did 2 rows of large and did the rest medium. Leave a little hole in the center.
After you have it all laid out, take off the 1/2 circles except for the 1st layer and glue them on. Continue gluing them all on.

All righty, done with that part. Now for the center.

I did a twist for the center.

Start off by cutting 2 .5 inch strips out of felt (going the long way)

Glue one end and start twisting. 

Then glue the other bottom end too.

Twist the twist onto a circle of felt. Starting in the middle, moving out.

Put glue on the circle of felt, and glue it down in the center of your flower!

And wala! You are done!
Isn't it just the cutest little pillow ever!?
I hope to make a cylinder (is that what it is called?) pillow soon!

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Amanda said...

That is adorable!!!!!

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