Wednesday, May 25, 2011

O My! I have made a total fool out of myself!

O my o my. I have made a complete fool out of myself. 
Heres how. I call/called Mod Podge MODGE PODGE! O my lans! Can it get any worse?! Well I was talking about that stuff with Melanie tonight (yes we talk about mod podge) and she is like "It is MOD podge." Right away I thought O MY! I said it wrong on my blog!" So I said I would make a post about my foolishness. Please forgive me of my dumbness and we will move on in life.
Ok all good
We get out of school June 3! So how many more days is that? O too high for me to count this late at night.
But we turn in our laptops June 1, so that means not as much bloggin :(. I will attempt to blog every once in a while. 
That is about all I have to say. 
Until next time,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

for us, 1 1/2 more days!! :D YAY!

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