Sunday, May 22, 2011

Storage Boxes

Hello all!
I recently got a desk. (WOOT WOOT!) But the desk doesn't have drawers, so I knew I had to come up with a different way for storage. I decided I wanted to do boxes, but when I looked at some online I saw that they are PRICY! Later I came across Make it and Love. I found a tutorial for storage boxes that she made for her craft room! (to see her tutorial click here) They looked easy to make, and boy was I rejoicing that I wouldn't have to pay so much money!  I tweaked her version of the boxes a small bit. (she only has fabric on the front, the other sides are spray painted. I did fabric all the ways around and no spray paint)
Ok so after that long "story" here is the tutorial

What you need
-TONS of cardboard
-Knife to cut cardboard (I think what I used was called a carpenters knife)
-Lots of hot glue
-fabric (I chose 2 patterns)
-Modge Podge (did I spell that right!?)
-Sponge paintbrush 
-Scissors for cutting fabric

Ok, so what ya got to do first is measure the area you want your box to sit in and then measure out five pieces of cardboard

In one of the pieces, you need to cut a whole for the handle. (that piece will be the front of the box)

After all the pieces are cut out, glue.

Then you should have a box.

Next, get out your fabric.

Put your box against the edge of your fabric

(this next part may be a little confusing... I hope the pic. explains)

Flip it so that you have all the sides "covered" (you are making a big long strip of cloth to wrap around your box)
Or have flipped it four times

Then from the bottom of the box, go down 1 inch-2 inches. (this extra will be used to go over top and bottom edges.)

Also, on the side of the box, go out about 1 inch or so you can make a finished look with it

Start making a straight line to where you ended with your box to where you began with your box.

Ok, now we are done with the confusing parts for a bit.

Cut it out
Iron it

Take your box and your modge podge and paintbrush and spread a thin layer of modge podge on the box.

Take your fabric and lay on the modge podge (make sure to center it so that there is extra fabric on the edges of the box to fold over) and smooth out.

Do that for all the sides.

As you should notice now, you have extra fabric on the edges (that is good!), no hole for a handle (we can fix that!) and a flap of skin (haha I said skin first.) fabric (thats good! that is for the "finished" look).

For the extra flap of fabric: fold it over and then modge podge it to the box (you may have to tear a little of the fabric away from the box in order to do this correctly)

Now for the handle: make a slit in the middle where the handle is supposed to be, then make triangle shapes on the edge. Then modge podge to the box in the inside of the box.

Still got those edges. Your basically just fold it over the top of the box and modge podge er up.
You do the same for the bottom.

And you are done! WALA!

I made 4. 2 big ones, and 2 little ones (that fit on the same shelf) 

(I am hopin to get a new chair instead of my cube... which is not supposed to be for sitting. But the chair will have to wait for a while)

I still have one more to make for an empty shelf as you can see in the picture above... and below, but am not sure what fabric to do, flower of polk a dot. Please leave a comment or email telling what fabric you think I should do! 

I am SOO happy with how they turned out!!



Amanda said...

Cool!!!! I think you should do the polka dot.

Katelyn said...
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Anonymous said...

)i think it would be cool if you rotated them like every other )

Jordan said...

humm i think idk, they both wouldlook goof maybe do the flowers

Marissa said...

I don't give an avocado for which one you do. It has been like 4 months since you finished them so this comment is kinda useless.

Marissa said...

I think you should switch the two boxes on the right side and switch the who small ones around so the flower one is on the inside and the brown one is on the outside and then, for the last box make it brown.

Rory Fugerson said...
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