Saturday, September 17, 2011

Flower Pillow

I found a pillow kinda like this one in a PBteen magazine. 

To make the flower pillow you need
2 sheets of felt
glue gun

First you are going to want to cut four different petal sizes out of cardboard
Big, Medium, Small, Extra Small

Take your big petal 'stencil' and trace and cut 8 petals 

Then cut and trace 8 Medium petals

Sorry no pics. for the next few steps.
Trace and cut 11 small petals. (you may need more or less. Depending on how you arrange them)
Trace and cut 6 extra small petals (again you may need more or less....)
With these 2 size petals put a line of glue starting from the bottom of the petal up to a little below the middle. You should end up with a shape like this.
Small Petals

Extra Small Petals

Glue the large petals onto the pillow. Overlapping a little.

Then glue on the medium size petals, overlapping a little too.

No pics. for the next few steps. 

Do 2 layers of small petals. Glue them on a little farther away from the middle.
After you do two layers of small petals do one layer of extra small petals.
And your done!


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