Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cork Board

Sorry for the double pillow post... I wasn't thinking :)

Cork Board
What you need
cork board

I found this idea on Make it Love it, but she changed up her blog and I can't find it back. 

I already had a cork board but wanted to make it sassier. I couldn't find the right size frame so instead I bought long pieces of skinny wood at Hobby Lobby, cut it (well I didn't cut it) and glue it together with wood glue.

Trace your frame on your fabric

Cut out. It doesn't have to be cut pretty. As you can see mine is pitiful.

I made slits in each corner so that when I Mod Podged it it would be easier.

Mod Podged the fabric on the back of the frame.
It should look like this! TADA! 

Then you have to somehow attach the cork in there. I glued mine in then glued a tick strip of felt on each side.

I also put ribbon around the top so I could put these cute mini clothes pins to use.


O I am not forgetting about bedroom pictures! My room just is never the cleanest place. I will definitely work on that over the long weekend! 
Trying to catch up on tutorials this weekend too! 

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Kacie K said...

MEGAN, that is adorable!!!

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