Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's about time for a tutorial

It has been ages since the last post! I/we really gotta get better at this! We have had lots of homework/tests and the weekends just fly by, so posting isn't thought of much. 

PB Teen inspired Pillow Tutorial
I made this pillow some time ago (during the summer actually). I found a pillow like it in a PB teen magazine, but it was a little out of price range. So instead I created my own.  

What you need
Felt (about 3-4 sheets)
hot glue
Card board 

You start off by making 4 stencils; big, medium, small, extra small with the card board.

Take the large petal stencil and trace about 8 petals (you may have extras or need more. Depending on how you lay it out)

Trace about 8 with the medium too. 

11 for the small, and 5 for the extra small.

*Next step are done with both the small and the extra small*

With your petals estimate where the middle of your petal is and draw with pencil (or you can just guess) a little less than 1/2 way up. 

This is where you will put a line of hot glue and pinch together to get...

After you have all your small and extra small petals glued get your pillow and glue on your large petals, overlapping slightly.

Get your medium petals and overlap them over the large petals looking like this:

(sorry no pic for the next step) 
Glue 2 "layers" of the small size. Then overtop clue the extra small size.
And your done! 


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