Monday, August 29, 2011

Catching Up

School started today... so that means we got our laptops back which means tutorials and more posts! I will probably put my tutorials up Friday, maybe sooner. If you read Taylor's last post you probably heard that we are looking for new blog name ideas, cause guess what!? I got a sewing machine! YUP! Pretty exciting. If you want to put in a name for our blog (just leave a comment) it doesn't have to be sewing related but it can. We are hoping to do a blog makeover again soon, so if you have an idea don't wait to long :) 


Monday, August 15, 2011

Heyy! (Help Please)

Long time no post from either of us. sorry :(
We should be posting more starting in September because we will have our laptops then...yippppeee!
I know that both Megan and I have stuff to share with you better come look.

Okay, there's the thing...
Megan and I were both thinking that we should change our blog name (more on that in Sep.)
We are asking y'all to help us.
If you have ANY good ideas...please let us know :)
Just type it in a comment.

Hope everybody has a great end of summer and a good start to the school (I don't like typing start to the school year.)


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