Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Hits of 2012

And the year of 2012 is coming to an end. You know what that means? It means getting used to writing 2013 on homework. It's always the hardest part of a new year.
In 2012... we got what seemed like 1 inch of snow for the whole winter, we survived some of the hottest summer days, we proved the Mayan calendar wrong, and Taylor and I have come to a finish of our first semester of high school, and we are here to alive and tell about it! Pretty productive year.

Let's take a walk down memory lane. We'll look at the past years posts, and see what ones were most loved by you faithful readers.

Overall, for the total year we jotted down 106 (this would be the 107th) posts.
In January, Taylor and I were pretty much out of blogging mode. Taylor took her stand as a blogger and wrote up a Pinterest Post for your entertainment. Since this was the one and only post for the month of January, it received the most hits.
Yet in February we were still cut off from the world and only managed two posts for the whole 29 days of February. You lovely readers found this Pinterest Post quite intriguing. 
March came along and we began to regain consciousness. Taking baby steps we busted out nine whole posts. You found Romans 8:28 a helpful verse, and loved this one of many owl projects, my Owl Pillow.
April rolled on in and before we knew it, the month was over. Taylor shared her Funky Fabric Pillow and got rave reviews on her newest addition to her new and improved bedroom. 
With school just about to the end, May received quite a few projects. It tied with October for the most posts. Numbers spiked when Taylor gaves some hints on how to wear Green Pants, or any other colored pants for that matter. My promised Bedroom Reveal was just another project for the month of May.
June came to us, with school out it got a fair amount of projects. You guys enjoyed the frugal, yet adorable Two T-Shirt Ruffle Pillow, and even though it meant looking at my alien fingers, Drying Nails with Cold Water was a big hit.
July came in full swing with temps reaching in the 100s, very unusual for Michigan. However, we beat the heat and you readers crushed on the Ombre Crate and continuously viewed Luke 18:1.
August was a big month for the blog. There were high hits on how to keep your laptop safe with the Laptop Case tutorial, and the DIY, five dollar Infinity Scarf was certainly not an ignored sewing project. We ended the month with a big sha-bang-- a blog makeover. 
September came along, which was just the beginning of craft show season for us. Crowds went gaga over Taylor's Washi Tape Price Tags (as did I). 
The month of October, still unusually warm but we soaked up every minute of it. Craft show reveals Garlands {take 2} continued and you supportive people were there when Taylor notified us of her new business, and went to you for her name. After the poll taken on Need a Name, The Twisted Thread won the spot. ('like' The Twisted Thread if you are on facebook!)
Crowds went crazy in November when Taylor relived the Carrie Underwood Concert to us all.
We topped the year off in December with the first furniture revamp to appear on the blog, Better After.
And that my friends is a glance at our year of 2012. 
For 2013 Taylor and I have a few new ideas. Oooh the suspense is building. Can't wait!


Friday, December 28, 2012

For the Love of Old Navy

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas filled with family time, lots of food (a good majority of it being loaded with calories, fat, and other good stuff that clogs those arteries), the Christmas story (I'm talkin' the Luke 2 one, but could also be the hilarious movie one with Ralphie, Randy, and the hideous leg lamp.) Maybe even some nice surprises from under the tree? 
I know I'm really enjoying the fact that I have no schedule/school, being able to live in leggings, and I get to annoy be with my family for a good chunk of the day (how loving). Oh and we did happen to watch the Christmas Story Christmas Eve. Good stuff going on here.

I've got an ON gift card to burn. Here are a few things that I've been debating over.

I'm particularly fond of that white polka-dot belt. [Just wish the orange was a dark pink :(]

While this blazer is just the cutest thing I've ever seen, it's dry clean only. With my luck I would spill my jelly from my pb&j all over it the first day wearing it. Then we would have to go to Lemon Fresh and clean it. #toomuchwork

Believe it or not, I don't own a pair of yoga pants. I wouldn't mind if these ones would be my first.

Polka dots, navy, and a cardigan all in one?! It's perfect.

This post wouldn't be complete without shoes! My new favorite color is magenta, so obviously these are perfect. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Joy To The World Embroidery Hoops

Congrats to us all who survived the Myans foolish fortune tellings. Now we can all sing Joy To The World, for we have survived.
I realize that this post is a little late if you want to make it for Christmas, since December 25 is on 3 days away. But, I figure there is always next year. (we can all blame blogger together for being so insanely stubborn over the last couple weeks. Blogger, we don't appreciate your attitude)

What You Need
Embroidery hoops (I have 3, 3 inch hoops)
Scrap fabric
Fusible Fleece
Scissors (fabric scissors and paper scissors)
Hot Glue

1. On paper, draw out your letters (block letters/bubble letters). Cut them out.

2. Choose your fabric for each letter. Also, cut a smalle piece of interfacing/fusible fleece and iron it onto the back (aka wrong side) of the fabric.

3. Trace the letter on the wrong side of the fabric (well, you will actually be tracing on the fleece). BUT, make sure you FLIP THE LETTER OVER, otherwise it will be backwards afterwards. (pardon the caps and bold, I just want to get my point across, so you don't end up in a pickle like what happened to me. Do this to all the letters

4. Choose fabric for your hoops. Cut out a pretty big size. You will want a quarter inch or so of fabric to hang out of the hoop. Otherwise the fabric will flop right out.

5. Put the fabric into the hoop. Make the fabric so tight that it looks like it will snap in a second. Just kidding. Just make sure the fabric is super tight so that it doesn't look all saggy and nasty.

6. Lay the letters onto each hoop. Attach the letters with the smallest dot of glue here and there.
7. Sew on the buttons where they need to go.

And there you have it! Some hoop decor for the Christmas season.
While making this, please pray for snow.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

[Mini] Forest of Christmas Trees DIY

(large size, medium size, medium size, small size)
Here we are... with part 2! (part 1)
I do believe that Christmas is just 14 days away. Hopefully the snow will be here by then. I am expecting to have a white Christmas this year. If the snow doesn't stay this year (again), I may have to move to Canada for the month of December. 
I was surfing the web for ways to decorate my tree forms... and then I found this through Pinterest. (and it just so happened that she made her forms the same way I did! How neat!?) I'm really in love with her old dictionary paper tree... so stinking cute. But, I don't have a book, and I am a fully employed student so cutting out tiny pieces of paper didn't seem to fit into my schedule  Instead, I will just stare at hers when I get deprived. 
(click picture to go to her blog and see all of her trees!)
*Just want to clarify that those are not my trees, they are just my inspiration*
I had to take her lima bean and twine tree and make my own. 
Supplies: two sizes of beans, hot glue, a tree form
How to: first glue on the larger size beans (with hot glue). Then fill in the spaces with the smaller sized beans.
I'd say this one is the most time consuming/hardest to get the peas to stay (but it may just be my fav!)
Supplies: one bag of split peas, mod podge, paintbrush, hot glue, tree form
How To: paint on mod podge in small sections at a time. Roll the tree form in the peas (which I put in a 9x13 container). Do this to the whole thing and fill in the holes by putting a dab of hot glue on and then sticking some peas in the hole. 
Supplies: burlap twin, hot glue gun, tree form
How to: start by gluing one string end on the inside of the tree form, wrap the twine around adding glue here and there. When you reach the top, take the end of the twine and stick it through the hole in the top and glue it (glue on the inside)


Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tree Form- DIY

Take note: This is just part one! Part two (aka the super exciting part) will be up here tomorrow! 
So... stay tuned!

Since we finished our hutch I've been planning in the back of my head how to decorate it for each season. We don't have one of those lovely mantles, so it gets treated like one. 
I came to the decision that for Christmas, Christmas trees should somehow be incorporated into the decor. 
I thought oh golly this will be fun! All I have to do is get those styrofoam tree forms and make them al sassy. So I went to JoAnns hoping to find the tree forms while my sister shops for fabric and such. I found them but about dropped to the ground when I saw the price.... $6.00 for one. Now they were in the sale rack, but I knew I could somehow figure out how to make the form for a fraction of the cost. 
I turned to cereal boxes to solve my problems 
From one cereal box I got a large size tree, medium, and small. I got another box to make one more medium sized. (see the sizes tomorrow)

What you do
Get a cereal box

Chop it up

Roll it up, cut off scraps (use scraps to make more!) 

Hot glue the seam, and trip the bottom to get it as flat as possible. 
And really that is it. Super easy right? And so much better than paying and arm and a leg for something similar. 

(you know how we were having picture problems with blogger? Well the only solution I can figure out is putting Two Girls and a Glue Gun at the bottom. Why does it do that? Such a pain. But we'll have to live with it till we find the real fix!)
Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the trimmings to these trees! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Better After

Over that past month this was what I was taking part in...
(take note: since this picture was taken we have added drawer pulls, I am just too lazy don't have enough time to go back and take another picture ;) )
So how'd we do it?
My sister, grandpa, and I took care of the painting. After three coats of Vintage White chalk paint and some sore backs we got a much more eye appealing hutch to put in our kitchen!
We had a friend/furniture painter professional give it a distressed look.  
After an afternoon of smothering on the wax and wiping it off it was ready to head back into the house.
We reused the door knobs from the old one on our new and improved hutch to be all earthy by Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Now to decorate this baby for Christmas! WOOT WOOT! Gold and sparkles and burlap ruffles here I come!
Like Taylor said, blogger is being stubborn by not letting us upload pictures. Miraculously these uploaded, but we can't get any others. Oh technology, so rude. Hopefully we can conquer this problem soon! Soon as in within this week cause man oh man I can't wait to share some Christmas crafts! 


Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Things Friday {Whoop Whoop - Finally!}

Happy Friday Lovely Readers!
Hope you had a simply fabulous last week of November and you are starting to feel all the joys of Christmas time again. Now on to five things...

1. I had my tonsils taken out last week Tuesday - November 20 - that is reason #1 I have disappeared from this bloggidy blog. But, I am very grateful that was taken care of even if I did miss my Thanksgiving meal and had to have a popsicle instead. 

2. Yesterday I was going to try and head to school. But nope, never made it. Ever head of something called the flu? Yah, pray that decides to run away from me soon. 

3. Do you have your Christmas tree up? Ours is up, but this year I just observed from my spot on the couch with a popsicle in hand. Side note: Not sure if it is possible for me to have another popsicle again. I had waaayy to many this past week. 

4. I had a big happy smile on my face when Melanie announced she had a little obsession with sparkles because I do too.
I love this tank top.
And this one.

5. Blogger is being all weird and is currently making you pay if you want to add pictures. That's the reason for such a blah post with no colorful pictures. We will try and get that worked out...

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the first couple days (and the rest) of December. I will try and get better at posting because I don't have an excuse anymore :)


Friday, November 23, 2012

Five Things Friday

Helloooo folk!
It's been a while hasn't it!? I have said it before and will say it again, I am super duper sorry for not a single post on my part since like a bajillion years ago. Our camera failed on me/us 2 weeks ago and we just got a new one. (the poor thing was unfixable) I hope to get something going super soon!
Anyways, I hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving, and indulged in some delicious comfort food.
And today? Black Friday! Did you hit the stores?
After a long day of shopping myself (with my cousins ;) I am ready to hit the sack, but it was so worth the lack of sleep because of some of the deals we got!

Since Pinterest is my all time favorite place to 'surf the web' I thought I'd share with you readers some of my favorite pins as of today-- we'll take it the Christmasy theme today since it's the next holiday up and it's SNOWING! Can't get more in the spirit of Christmas than that I'd say.
 (most likely pins will be gold and or glittery since that is my obsession)

I'm really in love with all things gold and glittery this year so this darlin garland made my boards.  

Gold polka-dot washi-tape. Good way to dress up a present wrapped in solid colored paper!

Very festive pillows!

Cute Christmas printable.

I found this adorable ornament last year around Christmas but still love it.
(sorry for the fuzzy pictures)


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.
Psalm 107:1

Megan & Taylor

Friday, November 16, 2012

Carrie Underwood Concert {A-ma-zing}

*before I tell you about something spectacular I want to let you know that TOMORROW I will be at the Hudsonville High School Craft Show - 9 until 3. This is my last one! Make sure you stop by & say hi*

I am so sorry I kept a secret from you, but now it has been revealed. I saw the amazing Carrie Underwood in concert last night at the Van Andel for her Blown Away tour and let me tell you, I was for sure BLOWN AWAY. I honestly could sit and listen to her for hours on end. I am actually surprised that I did not tell before because I was just bursting with excitement for like, oh, 6 months. 

When I saw that she had a new album coming out I knew I had to get it. Then I thought Oh maybe she will have a tour too. I totally want to go! What do you know?! Of course, there was a tour! So, the day the tickets went I sale I got them! (Actually there was an awesome story about that -- for another time? Maybe.)

Then when I heard that Hunter Hayes would be opening I was even more thrilled. I mean, who wouldn't be :)

Do you want a recap of the concert? Well no matter if you do or not I am going to give you one. 

I have two word's to describe it to start with: incredible + amazing. 

First Up: Hunter Hayes

My personal favorite songs he sang were: Everybody's Got Somebody But Me (in his word's the most humorous + depressing song ever - he's quite funny by the way), and Wanted.

Has anybody ever told you he can play like 22 instruments? I think in every song he was playing a different one. #talented

(before the show - it was definitely more packed than that)

Next Up: Carrie Underwood

Carrie sang for about 2 hours and they were the best 2 hours of my whole entire year. I can't even begin to pick my favorites from her - I would be listing every song. She had 5 different outfit changes and each outfit was beautiful. + she is a speedy changer. dress to dress to skinny jeans to casual to dress each in between songs. whew. wish i could be that fast

*insert: picture overload*

(the stage was amazing)

Funny Moment: 
Brad Paisley + Carrie Underwood have a song called Remind Me together and Carrie performed - when it got to Brad's part they put this amazing digital video up of him singing. It was both funny and awesome at the same time. Carrie would stand by the Brad figure on the screen and yah...
(secretly I was hoping Brad Paisley would come out and start singing - he has done that before)

Carrie and Hunter singing together! Could it get better?

Um, Yes. Did I mention there was a floating stage involved?

The encore was probably the best 10 minutes ever. She ended it with her song Blown Away, and I think everybody was blown away. 

(tons of confetti going off - Carrie's in the middle of that somewhere) 

Me telling you all of this is probably making you wish you were there. Sorry, you missed the best concert ever. :) But, if you get the chance to go to one of her's- take it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

All of these pictures were taken with my iPhone, so sorry for the bad quality but I think you get the big idea :) 

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