Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pinterest Post...and more!

What has it over 2 months?!? Sorry :)
I am hanging out with these two girls tonight, and they told me I should post, so I am!
{please, please, please, ignore the glare on my just does that}

Here are just some things that I have pinned on my boards lately:

Craft Ideas

Dream Home

Things I LOVE

Yellow and Grey


Tie a Belt

Sassy hair style

Sayings and Bible Verses



I saw this bible verse and...
made this for my room...


Best sugar cookie recipe EVER. 

Made this today...tasted great. 

Say Cheese :)

Sweet Backdrop

Photo booth props

Those are some of my most recent pins. Hope you liked them...and here is a picture of Megan and I.

Have a good weekend. 


Kacie K said...

LOVE the poofs i must try to make them, wink wink t.

Marissa said...

I like that kitchen thing and I LOVE the keyboard!

Marissa said...

Is that picture your room? I think tis!

Amanda said...

I like the kitchen!

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