Friday, February 24, 2012

Chalk Board

Well we FINALLY have a snow day today! 'Bout time. 

A while back (Thanksgiving break) I made a chalk bored for my room. 

We had an old ugly tray that I spray painted with chalk board paint

Then I glued ribbon on the back... to hold the commands

Then I stuck it on the wall (see how long ago it was that I made this!?)

All done. 


Sunday, February 19, 2012

About Time To Post

Hello. I have been an awful poster. Very sorry. As you can see, our blog got a little makeover. It still needs some work but hopefully it will be looking great in no time! The header was made by Melanie who also has her own blog. Actually new as of today! Tomorrow we have off school for winter break, which I will also be posting a tutorial or somethin, but for now we will stick to a Pinterest post (seem to be the thing)

Favorites from If I had a House

Craft Ideas

 And if I were an amazing sewer I would make a bag like this...

Favorite Spaces

I really love the paper on the shelves

Color Combo
From Design Seeds... I think. 

Things I love

This is so clever...I would really love to do this with my laptop!

Bible Verses

O look! It matches the blog sorta


I simply LOVE that white shirt and the cardigan!!

In the process of attempting to make the ruffle skirt... we shall see how it turns out


I made these a while back... they were very tasty

All for now! Hopefully I will remember about a tutorial tomorrow!

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