Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bedroom Makeover: Before

This is my room before. We are actually leaving in a little while to go pick out paint! Yipppeee. 

Side Notes: Yes I know my floor is pink right now. I picked out that color when I was five years old while we were just moving into our house. The bubblegum pink carpet will be out this winter as promised by my parents. (A great day that will be.) I also had more stuff on the walls, but these pictures were taken a little after I started clearing them off. 

Right now the color of my room is a pale pink, and a dark chocolate brown. 

I had baskets to put my 'junk' in while I was cleaning my room out. I had a 'trash it', 'use in the new and improved room', and a 'junk I don't need anymore'.

Another thing that I adore that is in my room right now waiting for a special place to go is this adorable chalkboard/thing to hang things on frame. Megan gave this to me for my birthday and it is simply wonderful. 

Have a good Saturday!

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