Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easy Pillow Tutorial

I seem to love pillows. I have made quite a few ever since we redid my room (which I plan on getting pictures since it is FINALLY spring break!) A while back I used a gift card from hobby lobby to buy some more fabric to match my wonderful curtains so I could make a pillow (just realized they match these storage boxes.) Last weekend I decided I should get that done.

Here is the finished product:

 and the matching curtains (which I did not make... Tara H did)

What you need:
2 kinds of fabric (I got 2 yards of the flowery stuff... still have a lot left and just used not even a 1/4 yard of brown)
Polyfill (is that what it is called?)
Sewing Machine
Coordinating thread

1. Measure your fabric
I don't really have a way to explain this. I had a picture but I must have accidentally deleted it.
I laid out the flower fabric and opened the polyfill. I folded the fabric over the polyfill, guessing the size. REMEMBER: leave an open space for you other fabric. After you cut out fabric 1 (in my case the flowery fabric) measure the length and width so fabric 2 (brown) will be the right size. Cut out fabric 2. Make sense?

2. Pin one side together and sew. (pin the wrong sides together) Hopefully now the two fabrics are attached! 

3. Pin the other sides together and do the same thing

4. Line up the top and sew also. 

5. You should have 1 more open side. Sew about 1/3 of the way on one side and do the same on the other so you have a hole for stuffing. (don't mind the awful picture pictures... I am no photographer)
Turn it right side/inside out and stuff it.

6. Sew up the bottom and your done!
Have a wonderful day!

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