Friday, March 30, 2012

New 'Series'

This spring break I am going to be repainting/redoing my room. 
I thought that I could show pictures of the process that is taking place here on the blog, so that is what I will be doing. 
I have yet to load the before pictures on to the computer, but expect them for sure by tomorrow!

Here are some ideas I have/what I want it to kinda be like: 
- for sure at least 1 gray wall 
- pops of color all over, and not just one certain color
- new decorations for the room 
- try to actually make new things for my room instead of just buying them (and then to remember to take pictures in the process for a tutorial)
- more organization space
- something chalkboard
- have colorful frames on one of the walls with tons of pictures

I have many more ideas, but those are just the ones that are easy to explain. 

Hope you are finding fun things to do on this rainy afternoon! I will be cleaning out my room...

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