Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Shelve Decor Tutorial

 I am working on making a few new things for my shelves. I think I need to replace a few things and give it a new look :) 
With the help of my mom we came up with this

What you need
A board. I am not exactly sure what mine is. I got it from my grandma. It is kinda like a poster board you could say, just a little sturdier
2 (or more) different colors of paint and roller or paint brush
Skinny paint brush... and fatter one
Card stock
Computer/something to trace letters
Sewing machine and thread
Hot glue

1. Tape across your board for the bottom stripe and paint with a roller or paint brush. Whatever you choose. Let it dry.
(sorry it is flipped the wrong way) 

(don't mind the blotches of yellow paint on the wall... we are in the process of paint the room)

2. While it was drying I went over to my laptop and typed out the word "hope" in quite a large font size.  I use two pages... having two letters per page. I used the font Pea Sarah's Skittles, size 550.
*when choosing a font keep in mind it has to be fairly easy to trace and paint in the lines*

3. I wanted to make sure the stripe was good and dry so I began cutting the pennets. This is the size I used for my pennets. 

4. Hopefully now the board is good and dry and ready! Gently remove the tape.

5. Lay out your pennets so you know how you want them arranged and to be sure you have enough

6. Cut around your letters. But make sure there is still about 1/2 inch of white. Arrange the letters on the board also. 

7. Now that you have everything in place and how you want it, take off the pennets and put small pieces of tape on the letters to hold them in place. 

8. Take a pen and push gently down and trace around the edge of the letter. It should put an indent in the board, making it easy to paint. If the indent is deep enough for you to see easily take of the tape and letters. 

11. Take another color of paint. With a skinny brush go around the edges. When you have the edges finished finish them up in the middle. Let dry. 

10. Sew the pennets together. Make sure you leave extra thread at each end!

11. Lay out the pennets and the buttons you want to use (I used 4... all different)

12. Put a small line of glue where the stitching on the pennet and on the button and tape the extra thread to the back.

And there ya have it! A nice new touch to your shelves or where ever you are displaying it.

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Marissa said...

You girls are doing so well with posting!

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