Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bedroom Makeover: During

EKKK! Guys, I am loving my room right is amazing. Even though only 3 of the walls are painted I am still in love. I can not get the smile off my face :)

Here are some pictures of it all cleared out (except for the bed):

 (that came off the wall like 3 seconds after this picture was taken)

Here are some pictures from while it was being painted:

and.....the most amazing walls ever :) My sister was in love with it too...but not as much as me. 

Yes, you are correct - I do not have normal like painting clothes on. My mom was painting the room, so me and Kacie decided to go run because I got new pants, and a jacket today (the running type, new running clothes always motivate me)!

When we came back into the room our jaws dropped...I jumped with joy...then we took pictures. 

Now I am off to finish painting! Wish us good luck (ignore her thumbs down)...

Hopefully by the end of next week - and Spring Break :( - the room will be done. I am super duper excited to see it all done. I got some lovely things for it, and I know it will just be magical once it is all together. 

Happy Sunday :)

*this was written on saturday, not today - don't worry no painting for me today. by now all my walls are painted looks fabulous*

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Marissa said...

That looks fabulous! I love the 12th picture. HAHA

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