Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easy Peasy Decorative Tray Tutorial

I mentioned one time before I think I am making a few new nicknacks for the shelves in my room cause right now they are kinda bla. SO... after I finish a few things for them (like 2 more) and get everything arranged bedroom pictures that I promised o so long ago will be taken. I promise... really I do.
 On our first and only snow day of the year my sisters and I made decorative trays. But one problem. For some reason I didn’t take pictures... ooops. Instead, I made my own pictures. Beware they are nothing pretty but hopefully they explain well enough what is going on. Overall this wasn’t such a hard project so I think it will be pretty straight forward... hurray! Shall we begin with the tutorial? We shall. 

What you need:
Tray/something similar. Or really you could do this on anything you want.
2 colors o Paint (I seem to be doing a lot of paint projects... I will try and mix it up next time)
Mod Podge
Stencil of some sort (read on and you can read what I did)

1. Paint the tray with any color your heart desires (I used Pear Green-Benjamin Moore if anyone is interested). Let it dry 
(I guess I wasn’t thinking and instead of making a fully painted picture I made a half painted picture.) 
2. Attach your stencil to your tray in whatever way you need 
For my stencil I made my own because well 1. we came up with this craft last minute and weren’t running to the store anytime soon and 2. I don’t wish to pay much for a stencil when you can make your own. 
I made my stencil by taking a circle puncher and punching holes in paper. I used the paper with the holes... not the circles themselves. Make sense? My sister used painters tape to make stripes. 
3. Now. This next step will be different depending on what your stencil is. My sister just took a mini roller (they are very cute... do you have one?) and rolled paint over top of everything. I used a sponge. Dipped the sponge in brown paint (Shady Side-Benjamin Moore to be more specific) and spongied (wow. what a word) up each circle. Take note: be very careful that the paint doesn’t seep under the paper stencil cause that would not be good. Oh no not at all.

4. Wait a couple hours and carefully take off your stencils
5. Paint on a thin coat of mod podge and you are ready to go!
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