Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter and Funky Fabric Pillow

First of all...

Happy Easter!
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I first showed this pillow to you yesterday in my post about my room. I enjoying making things but have to be in a super crafty mood to be able to think of something awesome and not stupid. I felt like I was in that mood yesterday. I woke up and decided that I would make a pillow with some of my extra fabric and the fluff that was sitting around. 

These are the supplies you will want: 
- Old Pillow OR you can fluff/stuffing. (I ended up just using the fluff from inside the pillow)
- Fabric (Various Types)
-Thread and Sewing Machine
- Pins (I actually did not use any. You may or may not find it helpful to use those)
- Fabric Cutter

1 - Cut the fabric off the pillow

2 - Now we'll measure the both sides 

3 - Next you will cut stripes of fabric to sew together to make the whole covering for the pillow. You will use your measurements to cut to the right length across and then tall enough for up and down. (You may want a little extra tall wise, so incase your sewing makes it smaller you'll have extra.)

4 - Sew your stripes together. You will have the stripes being back to back/fabric pattern in the inside. 

5 - Continue doing this until all of your pieces are sewn together and are the size of the old cover. 

7 - Fold in half and sew three of the sides together so you'll have a bag type shape. (Sew while its inside out.)

8 - If you have a pre put together pillow you can now stick it in then sew up the top. If you are using fluff do the following. Sew about half of the top up (still inside out) and now you can put the fluff in. Once done with that you can hand stitch the rest of it together so it'll be one. 
That's all....


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