Monday, May 21, 2012

Buttons Galore

I am finishing up a few crafts here and there for my room. (room pictures tomorrow!)
I had this frame from one of those corny Bible school crafts that you glue rocks onto a frame.  Anyways, I decided the poor little frame needed a face lift. I took the challenge of tearing off those tiny stones and replaced them with much more attractive buttons. 

Picture Frame
Card stock (optional)
Buttons or other embellishments
Spray paint (optional)
Mod Podge
Hot Glue

Like I said, I first tore off the stones on the frame. Since the frame looked a bit beat up I decided not to paint and glue the buttons right on the frame. Instead I cut the shape of the frame out of card stock (which I later mod podge onto the frame) so it would look a little more 'put together'. My frame was blue I spray painted the edges white and left the top alone. 

Cut out card stock

I took out my collection of buttons, and used some of my sisters (buttons from Lolly's Fabric Store in Shipshewana IN... oh man. They've got GOBS of buttons and fabric!) and picked out the colors I wanted, and arranged them on the card stock. 
Glue the buttons with hot glue onto the card stock (or the frame if you aren't using card stock)

Put a thin layer of mod podge on the frame and stick down the card stock with the buttons. I put something heavy on it so it wouldn't bubble up. 
And there ya have it... a not so corny picture frame! Easy peasy! Right!?
(the picture I want to put in needs to be developed yet... but imagine this picture in it)
Yes, I do believe that is grass on my nose. (the only way we could get a picture without doing the awkward outstretched arm in the middle method was to lay the camera in the grass. That is why there is grass blocking our faces)

If you remember my cork board.. I added a little ribbon for clothespins to hold stuff. I added buttons to a few of them. (read tomorrow on adding more color to my room) O golly aren't they just the cutest? By the way... the reddish one is really more of a coraly color, cause by golly you know I LOVE coral! In all their cuteness I thought they deserved a little 'photoshoot' of their own. (can you tell I am slightly obsessed?)

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