Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Mixing it up with the posts here... sorta (kind like a pinterest post... but the stuff isn't pinned)

Let's start off with clothes. Good subject.
Well it's summer weather and boy do I love it! I recently got two pairs of shorts from Old Navy that I LOVE (and wear them about every single day when I get home from school. No problem with that, I'm just getting my money's worth out of them). They are the perfect length (in my opinion) However,  I don't wear them to school because I am not the tannest person in the land, and with the length of my legs they are against the dress code.
I bought this pair last week in the clearance rack (score!) and this navy pair a couple weeks back. 

During sprint break I got some fancy smancy running shoes (I couldn't find them on the website so there's a picture instead) in an Addias outlet mall. My goal is to use them lots this summer... we'll see how that goes :)

For some people their lives ended April 19 when Picnik closed up for good. Personally I never found the love so many had for the site. It was to confusing, took ages to load, and didn't like the fact that you had pay to be able to get the good stuff. Have no fear! Thanks to Natsprat I found a WONDERFUL photo editing site called *drumroll*  Pic Monkey. I haven't used it that much (like once) but when I did I loved it! It is faster (takes two seconds to upload a picture), they have ENDLESS ways to edit and different effects! (for goodness sake they have a teeth whitening tool... PRAISE BE!) Oh and it is SO easy to use. Best part... it's all FREE! Check it out, you won't regret it.

I love coral. But that is no surprise.

Taylor and I made Mississippi brownies last night... o gordy. Those things are A-MAZING. You must make them, then do lots of sit ups so they don't catch up with you.

Fonts for Peas. Cutest fonts around.

I love the fact that we only have 5 more days of school (2 of those involve non school sort of stuff).  It went by faassst.

What are your favorite things lately?

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