Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Need Your Help

Could you help me out? My desk is where I sew. Since it is in the basement and I don't have the greatest lighting in my room it is not so sewing friendly. A lamp is what I needed. My mom got a lamp at a garage sale (good ol garage sales) last week. Problem is... it's kinda ugly.

It doesn't show so well in the picture but the shade has that old yellow tint to it and a couple stains. The stand (is that what it is called? We will call it that for now) has some mysterious spots that won't come off... but other than that it isn't to bad. 

So. I need some suggestion on what I should do to make it look fabulous
Should I paint the stand a bold color and cover the shade with sassy fabric? Like this cute item.

Attempt at a ruffle shade DIY project?
Like this one

Or this one?

This one is a beauty with that fabric and accent of ribbon.

Ribbonize the shade? Fabric paint (is that even possible on a lamp shade)? I don't know you tell me! I would love to hear some more ideas.



Jordan said...

I say the first or the ruffle ones!

Marissa said...

I say the 2nd ruffled one with the bold color bottom!

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