Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pinterest Favorites!

I don't think I really have to explain this post.
Enjoying looking at some of my recent favorite pins.
I even added some new boards this week/month/day.

Favorite Spaces: I wish I could be this organized. I am not. I love the colors, and everything they have in this picture. I really want that desk!

Craft Ideas: Next time I’m at Hobby Lobby I am going to buy some wooden circles. I have been seeing so many things to do with these. For this you just paint on the wood. 

Dream Home: This is an amazing kitchen. Looks very expensive, but maybe someday i’ll have enough. I am really loving that bar stool on the left side too. 

Cake and Cupcakes: I could not make a cake like this (I’d die to be able), but I’m guessing Melanie could. 

Lovely Things: Washi tape is probably one of the coolest things ever. I don’t have any right now, but I am hoping to order some soon. 

Style: She can mix colors and look so stylish like this. Could I? Probably not. I would look like a Valentine. 

Dream Room: I love the bed and bedding. This website has tons of adorable bedding, but not that cheap. Maybe one day I can splurge. 

Wall Decor: This can be a purse/coat/anything really hanger. I would probably put it in my room, and hang some scarves on it. I also love how they are mixing the knobs. 

Saying and Bible Verses: Enough Said. 

Recipes: This stuff is really good. Just mix some whip cream in with it and it is super tasty. 

Sassy Bags: I love this bag. I like the color - coral. The pattern of the fabric - especially the stripes.

Accessories: This is a super pretty bracelet. I don’t really wear jewelry much, but I am in love with this piece. It is just sooo pretty. 

Nail It: These are amazing. I got no idea in the whole entire world on how that girl was able to do this. She must be a mad nail person. I would do anything for a person to do this on my nails (and to have it stay on for awhile). 

Party Love: Mason jars are always fun to drink out of. Something about drinking out of a cool thing.... Striped straw are also just so fantastic. When you pair the two together it is so fun :) When planning parties some day these will totally be at every one. 

Wanna see more of my pins? You can fine me here.


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