Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Things I'm Loving

Hope you are enjoying the weather...I know I am!

I am loving that we only have 3 more days of school. None of them we will actually be doing school stuff (hallelujah chorus). Tomorrow we have random things that you do at the end of the year...clean locker...laptop turn in (sad, I am backing up all my files now)...and then we have a talent show along with getting our yearbook. Friday we are doing service projects! I will be going to an elementary school - yah! Then Monday, our last day, we are going to MI adventure. I would be totally thrilled about this, but knowing that roller coasters freak me out...I am not. Anyway...

I am loving that I have a babysitting job during the summer, and won't just have to be home everyday with my brother and sister. 

I am loving TOMS shoes, and would be very happy if you got me a pair. I would really like gray! (Gray or Grey?) They are just so adorable, and the little elephant print in the inside is adorable. 

I am loving that my binder finally touches end to end. Only 3 papers left. 

I have a new run the Color 5k in Grand Rapids. I have been loving looking at all the pictures of it, and it is totally making me want to do it. Ya know, I don't run much, but this definitely makes me want to do it. I am just giddy thinking about it...I would love color thrown all over me. 

*images all via the website*

There are many more things I am loving...these are just the main ones. 

Have a super duper wonderful end to your week, and possibly even school year!


Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

I would do it with you if registration wasn't $50! Wanna do it next year?

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