Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tulip Time and Pinterest

Well it's that time of year again...
Which means parades, dutch dancing, cotton candy, ginormous elephant ears (mmm yum), and nearing the end of the school year (WOOTIE WOOT WOOT!)

Now, for a Pinterest post

If I Had a House...
well isn't this just lovely? I love the brick island and the cupboards. 

Oh how I love white kitchens like this one. 

Craft Ideas
Well isn't this paper bag just the cleverest thing there is? Print onto a bag. I am gonna have to try this! 

Favorite Spaces
Wonderful way to stay organized! And very eye catching :)

This color combo is so bright and cheery! Makes me want summer even more.

Things I love
My o my! You've gotta check this website out! She has GOBS of free downloads like chevron (used a chevron for the Tulip time sign) and pinstripes. I spend a tad to much time downloading things.

Bible Verse
Love it. 
Designed by my sister... whatta girl. 


 This dress is just darlin! I LOOOVE coral!.. and stripes!

Again, I love coral. And the dots with dots is very cute on this here pillow

Lovely Fabric
How cute is this print

Dream Room
Oh would you look at that... coral again! This dresser is fabulous! And that bedspread doesn't look to shabby either. 

A cupcake garland... really? How clever!

O man. Doesn't this four cheese pasta look tasty?

This dip is to die for!! I've had it and ate waaaay to much. But it was so worth it.


My new dream is to make a quilt for my bed. This one is pretty cute, but not quite what I imagine in my room. 

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