Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wear It: Green Pants

Remember when I said I was going to do all those posts? Well...sorry. There have been about a billion things going on, and with school ending there is even more. I promise they are coming though. maybe - hehe.

Anyway, this post is totally 100% out of my comfort zone. I am in love with my green pants, so I decided I would show you how I have been wearing them. My pants are green, but you could do any of this with any color pants {since colored denim is sooo 'in' right now}.

I got my pants from Delias, and they have tons of colors available. I really want the red/coral!

{Simple White Shirt}

I wore them with a white shirt when we had my cousins wedding shower last week. 

 *weird cheesy thumbs up - sorry*

Shirt: Target

{Striped Navy Tank}

I am wearing it this way today!

 *i am loving the sun.yah no more whiteness*

Shirt: Delias

{Denim Long - Sleeve}

I have not exactly worn it this way yet (except for taking the pictures obviously) since it is blazing hot out, but I am sure I will once colder weather comes again. 

Shirt: Old Navy

Hopefully this helped you a little if you do have any colored denim, and you were wondering how you could wear it. But then again it probably did not help you at all because I am totally not the fashion expert. 

Can you tell I love Delias? 
Enjoy the lovely warm weather.

Happy Saturday!


p.s. I look completely stupid in half these picture, but posing is just odd to do. 

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