Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cold water+Freshly painted nails=Dry nails

Like the equation? It's an easy one to figure out and it really does work! No more painted fingers getting smudged while waiting them to dry! I saw this idea on Pinterest, but was dumb enough to never pin it. *slap myself on the head* So I will just tell you now, I never came up with this on my own for I am not that intelligent. 
Let me warn you now of my alien scary fingers, and the awful pictures because I don't know how to photograph fingers. But then again, who does?

Start off by giving your nails a thin coat of nail polish. Thinner layers result in better, smoother nails.
For the tutorial I used Something New because it shows up better for pictures, but in real life they are now painted Vibrant Violet. 
Something New.

Vibrant Violet

Then, dunk them in shiver me timbers ice cold water. It needs to be FREEZING for it to work well. Trust me, it's worth freezing your tiny little fingers off. They turn out all shiny and pretty. 
hello nasty picture

Keep them in the water for 1-2 minutes before taking them out. 
DO NOT wipe them with a towel or anything, then they get all fuzzy and icky. Just let the water dry off. It takes about 2 minutes. You can either move on to your other hand or eat a piece of cheese like I did. 

After the water is all gone you can do another thin layer. Repeat the water process. 
Your nails will be dry and lovely and it only takes a couple minutes!


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