Monday, June 25, 2012

Night Stand Redo

I don't think stripes will ever be 'unstylish'. I myself am very thankful for that. I love stripes. Whether they are fat, skinny, vertical, horizontal, chevron, diagnal ect. you name it, I'll take 'em. When I saw House of Smiths striped wall I was a wee bit excited. Partly because Shelly too loves stripes, and because the color combo is oh so very fantastic, but, it gave me the idea to spice up my white stand and make it extrodinary! I already have paint from painting my lamp so I was all set!

This stand has been painted many many times. Four times total, but the first time was ages ago so I never got a picture.

Making Perfect Stripes
Roller (mine was mini... very cute)

This is really very easy! Just kinda time consuming with all the measuring, but hey, it's worth it in the end.

Start off by measure the width of your tape. Mine was 2 1/2 in.
Put a piece of tape down on the surface as straight as possible. Take a ruler and measure whatever your width of the tape was. Make a mark towards the bottom, middle, and top. Then make a straight line connecting them with a ruler. Tape it so that you will still be able to erase your pencil lines.

Repeat that step with what seems to be a bajillion times, or until it is all taped up and ready to go!

Before painting, I went over and pressed each piece of tape down to make sure it was down real good.
Then you can paint away. (I used a mini roller) Just paint right over the tape. (I did two coats, waited 1 hr. to take the tape off.) Like my lamp, I used coral blush craft paint from Hobby Lobby.

Mine did blead through a bit, I think because I didn't use painters tape. It wasn't bad. I went over the spots where it was worse with white paint.

Would you look at that, matching lamp and stand.

One more thing I painted:


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