Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two T-shirt Ruffle Pillow

Over spring break, two of my sisters and I painted their room. After 14 years, it was still teddy bear theme. (cute... baha, no.) Now it is a perfect shade of blue with a yellow. Here is there magazine rack that I truely love. (that blue is the color of one of their walls)
My sister wanted to me to make her a pillow for their 'newly' painted room. Instead of buying cloth, we used old t-shirts, partly because we didn't have the patients to go to the store and buy fabric and since the blue goes wonderfully with her bedspread we had to use it!

2 (or more) t-shirts or fabric
sewing machine
2 colors of thread (that matches your fabric. We will call these different color threads thread 1 and 2. Simple enough)
seam ripper

The Case
Start off by cutting the shirt from the arm pits up.

Pull the remaining parts of the shirt onto your pillow to get a general idea on how much/where you will cut the t-shirt.
(don't worry... in the end that friendly smile never showed up. Oh and like my cutting job? Thanks.)

Cut the t-shirt on both sides, leaving 1/2 in-1 in of extra fabric. (If you add a ruffle SAVE one color of the t-shirt you just cut off for it later)

Turn one piece of the t-shirt inside out and sew one open edge shut (with thread one).
There you see again how much I love to cut straight lines.

Either hem up one side of your other color t-shirt (thread 1), or like I did, use the bottom hem that is already there to save time.

Sew the piece you just hemmed up (or used the hem already there) to the other piece of t-shirt (make sure it is in the right spot so in the end it isn't to big or small!). So in my case, I sewed the white piece over top of the blue. (all with thread 1)

Now, you should have a case that fits the pillow. Make sure you have one end closed and one end of the case open!

*This is just one way you can make a ruffle... and is the way that works for me. If you have another way go ahead and use it!*

 So if you saved that piece from the t-shirt use that! Nothing better than using what you've got :)

It should be in a circle as if it were an infinity scarf. Cut it so it is a long strip. (I used the whole strip... depends on how ruffly it is and how big your pillow is)

Fold the sides in about a quater in and sew them. (thread 1)

Change your stich size to the biggest it goes.

(this next part may sound a little odd and be confusing, and I have no pictures which is no good. I will do my best to explain)
Imagine your long strip is divided into fourths.... keep the image in your mind.
Sew about 1/4 of the way down the middle, on your long strip with the biggest stich your machine can provide. When you hit about the 1/4 mark STOP. Cut the threads long so you have enough to pull to get a ruffle. Begin sewing once again
Do the same steps when you get to the 1/2 mark, 3/4 mark, and to the end.
You may wonder why you do this. I find it easier to get the ruffle throughout the whole strip of fabric, and it isn't as easy to snap the thread. (do this step with thread one)

Pull the threads till you can pull no more. (do this for each section)
Between each section there might be a spot where there is no ruffle. Have no fear, you can fix that when you attach it to the pillow.
You can kinda see how I divided (in my mind) the strip in fourths
It looks kinda funny, don't worry. it will look better.

Place the ruffle on the pillow (I suggest that you put the case on your pillow too at this point so you can see where to put the ruffle). Pull the ruffle to fit the length of your pillow.
My finger is showing a spot that isn't as ruffly

Pin the ruffle onto the case where you want it to go. As you do this, in those spots where there was no ruffle gather it up to make it look ruffly like the rest and pin it.

This is the time to switch thread colors. It makes it easier to see what threads you need to pull out and what ones you need to keep in. (mine is blue)
Sew straigh down the middle of the ruffle. Right over the other color thread in the middle.

When you are done, pull out/use a seam ripper to yank out thread 1 (in my case it was white).

Stuff your pillow back in its case and sew it up.

You are done!
Any questions leave a comment and I will get back to you!
Tomorrow... reveal of what the answer to the guessing game is!

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