Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ombre Crate

Ombre is taking over the world on Pinterest. (maybe exaggerated a weee bit) There's ombre cake, ombre curtains, ombre shirts, ombre stairs, even ombre hair (whoa.). Since I really love this whole ombre thing, I thought I could add an ombre crate to that list. That is exactly what I did.

Colored Paint
White Paint
Sponge Brush

This is what I started out with. A crate from Joann's. Can it get any easier? I'd say no. Pick one of these boxes up. Use a coupon. It will make it 1,000 times better. Oh, and to make it even easier this crate came painted white. You can get wooden ones (which are a little cheaper).

Use tape to tape in between all the cracks between each of the boards.
(please excuse the box of 72 envelopes displayed so nicely in the background)

This is how I ombreified my crate.
Just look at those pictures. I should enter them in Art Prize next year. I'd win for sure.

The location I was painting was in our basement. Our storage room in our basement to be exact. As you can see very clearly below, we have horrible lighting down there. So, please excuse the dark, dreary pictures. Hopefully it is clear on how to make it ombre!
(this process is all done when the 'colorful color' is still wet)

I painted the bottom boards the original color. You can leave it how it was (almost did that) or paint it another color!

Now I've got myself a sassy new storage device. What will I fill it with? Maybe my throw pillows laying on my floor would be a good choice? I do believe so.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ombre Sneak Peak

If you love ombre as much as I do you are gonna love this next project.

Come back tomorrow to see what is behind this coral ombre object

Friday, July 20, 2012

Embroidery Hoop Flower Decor

Ever go to a store and see a little item that you would just die to have? But when you see the price tag you think 'I can make this beauty for a fraction of this price'. Anyone been in this situation? Last week Taylor and I went on a little shopping trip. Taylor found the cutest embroidery hoop with a flower sewed on it. It was just darling. Neither of us bought it. (don't get me wrong.. it was adorable!) While I was cleaning underneath my extremely messy bed, I came across an embroidery hoop from a 5th grade project (remember those pioneer projects you'd have to do? mhmm that's where this doodad is from). What do you think I thought of as soon as I saw the long lost hoop? Yup, you guessed it. The embroidery hoop with a flower sewed on it

(sorry this picture is a little fuzzy. The camera was being a pest)
So who can we thank for the inspiration of this project? The clever person at Not So Shabby who's booth we found the inspiration of this project at. 

Embroidery hoop
Fabric for the back of the flower (I used that stuff that you do embroidery with... can't think of the name)
Fabric scraps
Stencil for flower and middle of flower (optional)
Sewing machine
Hot Glue

1) Start off by cutting out the flower, center of the flower, stem, and leaves. Eventually you will need to cut out interfacing the same size as the flower, center, stem, and leaves. Instead of tracing it I did it the 'lazy' way and ironed a small piece of interfacing onto the back of the fabric and then cut out the shape I was going for.

Iron interfacing on.

Cut out the shape

2) Once you get all your shapes cut, put your large piece of fabric in your embroidery hoop and get it as tight as you can. Then arrange your fabric shapes you cut in step one onto the hoop.

3) When you get your fabric shapes arranged, carefully take the hoop off. 

4) Now you are going to sew on your pieces. Start with the fabric piece that is on the bottom or under the rest of  your other pieces. In my case, I started with the stem since the leaf overlapped it slightly and the flower overlapped it as well. (I would leave the flower part for last) Do a small zig-zag stitch all around the stem. Once you get the stem done, move onto the leaf, still using the zig-zag stitch. (or maybe the 2nd thing you will sew will be the stem because you put the leaf under the stem)

5) Instead of sewing around all of the petals on my flower I just sewed the middle of the flower onto the the petal part, using a straight stitch at a normal size. Since there is interfacing ironed onto each piece the petal part of my flower doesn't flop around.

6) Iron over every thing one last time

7) When you get everything sewed on and ironed, put the hoop back on. Make sure it gets tight!

8) Cut the extra fabric that is around the hoop off, leaving about a 1/2 inch.

9) Heat up the glue gun. 

10) Put a line of glue directly on the hoop and press the 1/2 inch of fabric onto it. This way the fabric won't stick up behind your hoop.
(our glue gun seems to have quite the collection of glue on itself)

You are done!

Some things I learned from this post? 1. Taylor has great taste and I thank her for pointing out the hoop and 2. Not So Shabby is my all time favorite store.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Picture Frame to Magnet Board

I seem to have a thing for displaying pictures. If you saw my bedroom reveal you will see that I have about a bajillion picture frames and a cork board. I had yet another picture frame sitting around, but the thing was, this one has a ridiculously small hole for the picture to go. I had never seen a picture the size of that hole. Anyways, I scratched the whole idea of having another picture frame and decided to turn it into a magnet board. That way, I have something that not only can hold pictures, but also notes or reminders.

I have a picture of how it looked before, but blogger is being a bugger and it won't let me upload anymore pictures.
I started off by painting the edges white and the little peg in the back that keeps it standing up. 
Then, I printed off  Mel Stampz quatrefoil pattern in raspberry blue. (if you are ever in need of sassy paper downloads.... check out her blog. She has about every pattern under the sun!) After I got it printed (it really took some work, the printer practicly attacked my cardstock I loaded in it... rough.) cut it down to the size of the frame.

Then I cut a sheet of metal down to the size of the frame I was using, and glued it on with hot glue.

Then I brought my attention back to my paper. I decided to put four silver brads in each of the corners to give it a bit more spazazz.
With a new magnet board you gotta have a new magnet don't ya!? I took a paper flower (you can get at Hobby Lobby) put a brad through it and glued it onto a magnet we already had.
There you have it! An easy way to transform a picture frame. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Zips and Button Ups

A couple weeks ago my sister and I decided to get started on craft show stuff. So we did just that, we stocked up on fabric, bought 100 zippers, and set up our own little sewing room in our storage room. Now, we sew in a forests of Christmas trees. Gettin in the Christmas spirit early. 

Here we have Cash n Carries. Really, there is no limit to what they can hold, cash is just the beginning! 
(well obviously there is a limit. You can't really stuff an elephant in one. No brainer)
These sassy little zips can hold glasses, pencils, pens, hair stuff, use while traveling (very handy for that!), credit cards, make up, the list goes on! The outside of these little items are cute enough, but unzip it and behold! Spunky fabric inside waiting for you!

Here is a peak inside my wallet. Let me tell you something... I use this handy dandy pouch for just about everything.

These 'Button Ups' (got a better name than that? I just thought of it on the spot.) have a nice padding all around to keep your technology devices safe and sound.  However, these aren't just good for phones, cameras, ipods, ect.! They can also come in handy for holding glasses, hair stuff, coupons, ect. They have an elastic band to fasten around a darling button.

I'm considering making these in a larger size. What do you say? Should I go for it?
Both of these handy dandy devices can be stored in your purse/bag and use them when you need a little organization help!
We'll keep you posted with our craft show creations (clever aye?). I believe Taylor is joining us.... YIPPEEE!!! (I'm slightly excited about this whole shabang)
If you would like to see what my sister has been busy with go here.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Well, I had a post planned for today. However, rain finally came so it wasn't such great weather to take pictures of some craft show products. Tomorrow that will be my project. 
Since Taylor and I haven't wrote a decent post since a couple weeks ago, I thought a Pinterest post could hold you over till tomorrow.

If I Had a House...
These stairs are just about my favorite thing ever. They are so very farm houseyish (sometimes I like making up words). These barn wood stairs lead me to this perdy white farmhouse. 

This here white farm house is my new dream house.

Craft Ideas
Super cute way to get organized!

Favorite Spaces
I love that yellow stool and those sassy wire baskets for storage!

I just LOOOVE these colors! Those cookies are pretty lovely also!

Bible Verses
Love this.


I got these sassy sandals a couple weeks ago from Target. They are wonderful for summer!

Clever Ideas
For a polka dot stencil use an old laundry basket... who would've thought?!

A darling bag. Not to mention, darling fabric.

Be back tomorrow for a craft show post! 
I promise, next week I will get better at blogging.


Friday, July 6, 2012

A Sneak Peak

Sorry for the lack of blogging. My excuses: I was gone for a couple days this week and I've been sewing away for future crafts shows. A more detailed post on that next week! But for now, here's a sneak peak of what's to come. 
This picture is from my sisters blog.
For now, stay cool and out of this extreme heat (like it's massively hot out. Over 100 degrees today. Yikes!)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Still remember me?

First, I am totally 100% sorry that I have barely even wrote 1 post this summer!
2nd, Thanks to Megan for not lacking on posting like me!
3rd, Hope you are having a FANTASTIC summer!

Here is just a brief list of what has kept me busy this summer!
Camping with my grandparents...
Spending many days at the lake...
Babysitting weekly...
Camping with cousins...
Goin' to a splash park...
Days with cousins and friends...
Gettin' ready for next weeks vacation...
And many MANY more!

I also have pictures from these that I'd love to share, but they have been taken on my phone; and I still need to figure how to post them on my blogger app! I'm sure it is like really simple, but I can't figure it out!

What have you been doing this summer?

P.S. I do have a few of the posts I promised I would post a long time ago ready...I just need to put it all in one!
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