Friday, July 20, 2012

Embroidery Hoop Flower Decor

Ever go to a store and see a little item that you would just die to have? But when you see the price tag you think 'I can make this beauty for a fraction of this price'. Anyone been in this situation? Last week Taylor and I went on a little shopping trip. Taylor found the cutest embroidery hoop with a flower sewed on it. It was just darling. Neither of us bought it. (don't get me wrong.. it was adorable!) While I was cleaning underneath my extremely messy bed, I came across an embroidery hoop from a 5th grade project (remember those pioneer projects you'd have to do? mhmm that's where this doodad is from). What do you think I thought of as soon as I saw the long lost hoop? Yup, you guessed it. The embroidery hoop with a flower sewed on it

(sorry this picture is a little fuzzy. The camera was being a pest)
So who can we thank for the inspiration of this project? The clever person at Not So Shabby who's booth we found the inspiration of this project at. 

Embroidery hoop
Fabric for the back of the flower (I used that stuff that you do embroidery with... can't think of the name)
Fabric scraps
Stencil for flower and middle of flower (optional)
Sewing machine
Hot Glue

1) Start off by cutting out the flower, center of the flower, stem, and leaves. Eventually you will need to cut out interfacing the same size as the flower, center, stem, and leaves. Instead of tracing it I did it the 'lazy' way and ironed a small piece of interfacing onto the back of the fabric and then cut out the shape I was going for.

Iron interfacing on.

Cut out the shape

2) Once you get all your shapes cut, put your large piece of fabric in your embroidery hoop and get it as tight as you can. Then arrange your fabric shapes you cut in step one onto the hoop.

3) When you get your fabric shapes arranged, carefully take the hoop off. 

4) Now you are going to sew on your pieces. Start with the fabric piece that is on the bottom or under the rest of  your other pieces. In my case, I started with the stem since the leaf overlapped it slightly and the flower overlapped it as well. (I would leave the flower part for last) Do a small zig-zag stitch all around the stem. Once you get the stem done, move onto the leaf, still using the zig-zag stitch. (or maybe the 2nd thing you will sew will be the stem because you put the leaf under the stem)

5) Instead of sewing around all of the petals on my flower I just sewed the middle of the flower onto the the petal part, using a straight stitch at a normal size. Since there is interfacing ironed onto each piece the petal part of my flower doesn't flop around.

6) Iron over every thing one last time

7) When you get everything sewed on and ironed, put the hoop back on. Make sure it gets tight!

8) Cut the extra fabric that is around the hoop off, leaving about a 1/2 inch.

9) Heat up the glue gun. 

10) Put a line of glue directly on the hoop and press the 1/2 inch of fabric onto it. This way the fabric won't stick up behind your hoop.
(our glue gun seems to have quite the collection of glue on itself)

You are done!

Some things I learned from this post? 1. Taylor has great taste and I thank her for pointing out the hoop and 2. Not So Shabby is my all time favorite store.

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Taylor said...

I think we should just rename this blog 'one girl...' because you are by far a better poster than me! You are welcome for pointing that out - i am actually working on some similar to the ones at Not So Shabby right now! And yes, it to is one of my top favorite stores!

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