Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ombre Crate

Ombre is taking over the world on Pinterest. (maybe exaggerated a weee bit) There's ombre cake, ombre curtains, ombre shirts, ombre stairs, even ombre hair (whoa.). Since I really love this whole ombre thing, I thought I could add an ombre crate to that list. That is exactly what I did.

Colored Paint
White Paint
Sponge Brush

This is what I started out with. A crate from Joann's. Can it get any easier? I'd say no. Pick one of these boxes up. Use a coupon. It will make it 1,000 times better. Oh, and to make it even easier this crate came painted white. You can get wooden ones (which are a little cheaper).

Use tape to tape in between all the cracks between each of the boards.
(please excuse the box of 72 envelopes displayed so nicely in the background)

This is how I ombreified my crate.
Just look at those pictures. I should enter them in Art Prize next year. I'd win for sure.

The location I was painting was in our basement. Our storage room in our basement to be exact. As you can see very clearly below, we have horrible lighting down there. So, please excuse the dark, dreary pictures. Hopefully it is clear on how to make it ombre!
(this process is all done when the 'colorful color' is still wet)

I painted the bottom boards the original color. You can leave it how it was (almost did that) or paint it another color!

Now I've got myself a sassy new storage device. What will I fill it with? Maybe my throw pillows laying on my floor would be a good choice? I do believe so.

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