Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Picture Frame to Magnet Board

I seem to have a thing for displaying pictures. If you saw my bedroom reveal you will see that I have about a bajillion picture frames and a cork board. I had yet another picture frame sitting around, but the thing was, this one has a ridiculously small hole for the picture to go. I had never seen a picture the size of that hole. Anyways, I scratched the whole idea of having another picture frame and decided to turn it into a magnet board. That way, I have something that not only can hold pictures, but also notes or reminders.

I have a picture of how it looked before, but blogger is being a bugger and it won't let me upload anymore pictures.
I started off by painting the edges white and the little peg in the back that keeps it standing up. 
Then, I printed off  Mel Stampz quatrefoil pattern in raspberry blue. (if you are ever in need of sassy paper downloads.... check out her blog. She has about every pattern under the sun!) After I got it printed (it really took some work, the printer practicly attacked my cardstock I loaded in it... rough.) cut it down to the size of the frame.

Then I cut a sheet of metal down to the size of the frame I was using, and glued it on with hot glue.

Then I brought my attention back to my paper. I decided to put four silver brads in each of the corners to give it a bit more spazazz.
With a new magnet board you gotta have a new magnet don't ya!? I took a paper flower (you can get at Hobby Lobby) put a brad through it and glued it onto a magnet we already had.
There you have it! An easy way to transform a picture frame. 

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