Friday, July 13, 2012


Well, I had a post planned for today. However, rain finally came so it wasn't such great weather to take pictures of some craft show products. Tomorrow that will be my project. 
Since Taylor and I haven't wrote a decent post since a couple weeks ago, I thought a Pinterest post could hold you over till tomorrow.

If I Had a House...
These stairs are just about my favorite thing ever. They are so very farm houseyish (sometimes I like making up words). These barn wood stairs lead me to this perdy white farmhouse. 

This here white farm house is my new dream house.

Craft Ideas
Super cute way to get organized!

Favorite Spaces
I love that yellow stool and those sassy wire baskets for storage!

I just LOOOVE these colors! Those cookies are pretty lovely also!

Bible Verses
Love this.


I got these sassy sandals a couple weeks ago from Target. They are wonderful for summer!

Clever Ideas
For a polka dot stencil use an old laundry basket... who would've thought?!

A darling bag. Not to mention, darling fabric.

Be back tomorrow for a craft show post! 
I promise, next week I will get better at blogging.


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