Saturday, July 14, 2012

Zips and Button Ups

A couple weeks ago my sister and I decided to get started on craft show stuff. So we did just that, we stocked up on fabric, bought 100 zippers, and set up our own little sewing room in our storage room. Now, we sew in a forests of Christmas trees. Gettin in the Christmas spirit early. 

Here we have Cash n Carries. Really, there is no limit to what they can hold, cash is just the beginning! 
(well obviously there is a limit. You can't really stuff an elephant in one. No brainer)
These sassy little zips can hold glasses, pencils, pens, hair stuff, use while traveling (very handy for that!), credit cards, make up, the list goes on! The outside of these little items are cute enough, but unzip it and behold! Spunky fabric inside waiting for you!

Here is a peak inside my wallet. Let me tell you something... I use this handy dandy pouch for just about everything.

These 'Button Ups' (got a better name than that? I just thought of it on the spot.) have a nice padding all around to keep your technology devices safe and sound.  However, these aren't just good for phones, cameras, ipods, ect.! They can also come in handy for holding glasses, hair stuff, coupons, ect. They have an elastic band to fasten around a darling button.

I'm considering making these in a larger size. What do you say? Should I go for it?
Both of these handy dandy devices can be stored in your purse/bag and use them when you need a little organization help!
We'll keep you posted with our craft show creations (clever aye?). I believe Taylor is joining us.... YIPPEEE!!! (I'm slightly excited about this whole shabang)
If you would like to see what my sister has been busy with go here.

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Tara said...

Those are too cute! Let me know when your craft show is and where, I'd love to check out all your creations :)

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