Friday, August 17, 2012

5 Things Friday

(this is a little different than what usually goes on here at the blog but I thought a mix up could do us all well :)

1. I am super duper excited to show you all what I've got planned behind these sassy two prints! Next week sometime will be the reveal.

2. Would you just look at this bag? I LOOOOVE it. Like a lot. Picked it up at Joann's (hence the Go Green JoAnn logo in the bottom :) 

3. Looking for a new flavor of gum? This stuff is the bomb.

4. Lately I've been obsessing over Toms. I've got my eye on these beauty's, but, I can't quite bring myself to paying $45 for shoes.

5. Folks, this is a true statement. School is literally just around the corner. 

1 comment:

Jordan said...

You should get those toms they are really comfy. I have dark brown ones. They are worth the money.

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