Saturday, August 25, 2012

Laptop Case

Here is what was behind the fabric that I showed you last week Friday... a laptop case!
School is in full swing, and that means we have our laptops back. Now, once you enter into high school, the techy people finally trust that you will take good care of you laptop and won't throw it into a wall or something crazy like that. So, now since I am a freshman I can forget about that clunky, ugly, black, looks like I am a business woman laptop case, and move on in my life to a much more adorable case.

I mean, look at the inside fabric. Navy+chevron. Two of my favorite things.

I don't know about you, but when I read a tutorial online (or another place) it can be veeerrry confusing. So many words, steps, and measurements. What is what? Are my eyes the only ones out there that have this problem? Bolding is my friend in tutorials. So... you will see lots of bolding, big letters, and italics to help you out hopefully (if your eyes are like mine). 

Beading cord elastic
1/2 yard of fabric
Another 1/2 yard of fabric
1/2 yard of interfacing (make sure it is fluffy enough to protect your laptop)
Sewing machine
1. Cut. For my laptop I cut the piece for the back and the flap 15x14.75 inches (which we will refere to as the bigger piece. Creative. I know.). So, if you have an Apple MacBook these dimensions are for you! If you don't have a MacBook measure the height of you laptop and add 1.5 inches-2 inches
The front part is 15x10 inches (we will call this... the smaller piece)

2. Layering. You will do this step with both the smaller and bigger piece. Layer it in this order:
Fabric (doesn't matter what one) right side up.
Fabric right side down.
Make sure your fabric's right sides (or the side with the print) are touching!

3. Elastic.  Take your bigger piece and on a longest side (aka the 15 in. side) find the middle. Mark it with chalk, pen, whatever you like. This is when you may be using a fancy new elastic aka beading corde elastic. (it really isn't to fancy, just in a circaly formish) Cut a fairly good size piece. Make a loop with it and put it over your button you will be using. Make the loop smaller than the button is. (like with mine, my loop hit about the ridge in the button... that small) Hold it so it doesn't lose it's size, and put it in the middle where you marked in between the two fabrics, the loop in so you have two little elastic tails. Sew back and forth multiple times (like 10). Give the tails a tug to make sure it is secure and doesn't move. 
Like my train ruler? I do too.

SUPER BLURRY! But, see how the loop is inside!

4. Measuring/Pinning. On the long side opposite of the elastic side, leave a big opening (3.5-4 inches, you will use it to turn the fabric inside-out.). Put a pin where the open spot begins and ends so you don't accidentally sew over it. (do this with the smaller piece too.)
5. Sew. Sew a 1/4 inch from the edge. Start at one pin, sew all around and end at the other pin. Once you are done sewing that piece you can sew the other one. 

6. Cut. Cut the corners on a diagonal. (do to both pieces). Fold both pieces in side-out.
7. Iron. Iron the edges of the whole in. Make it as even as possible. (do the same for both pieces) 
8. Sew. Sew VERY closely to the edge of the fabric over the ironed over whole, but make sure not to go over the edge. (do the same for both pieces)

(I forgot to take pictures of the next 2 steps so you get some drawings instead :) Enjoy!)
9. Line Up. Take both of your flaps. Take the bigger piece, the fabric that you want on the outside should be facing up. Take the smaller piece, and put the outside fabric so it touches the outside fabric on the other flap. The inside fabric should be facing up on the smaller flap. Line up the bottoms (the elastic side is the top.) (You may want to pin it in place)

10. Sew. Sew along the bottom of where they line up.

11. Double Check! Make sure this step is completed before you move on! (you may have already done this in step 8)

11. Line up. Once both of your pieces are attached to each other line up the two sides so you have a pouch and a flap.

8. Sew. Sew VERY closely to the edge of the fabric. Follow these directions to know what way to sew.

8. Button. Sew on that lovely button of yours... make sure the elastic can reach!

7. Iron. Iron the flap down, press the edges. Do what you gotta do with the iron!

And it is complete!
   A fancy new case makes going to school a wee bit better.
Now I have a matching case and scarf!
If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will get back to you on it.

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