Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I'm gonna be honest here. I don't have a single thing to post this week. So what do I do when I am in a sticky situation like this? I go to a Pinterest post when I am desperate for a post. 
Let us begin.

If I had a house
This is just any ordinary fireplace plus mantle. There is a TV behind those white doors.
P.s. I love the wall color.

Craft Ideas


Can you tell I really have a thing for ruffles? Yup. Love em. However, these are both used in the kitchen where I have a slim amount of talent in. Oh well, they are still cute. 

Favorite Spaces

This sewing corner is darling. I love everything. The desk and its color, the chair, those flowers behind the sewing machine are super cute... might have to try to make those.


I love these bright colors. And those cookies are kinda cool in a creepy sort of way.

Bible Verses


I love this dress. A lot. I am not so crazy about the belt. Looks kinda cowgirlish... which I am not, and don't love the bow. With a different belt it would be Fabulous! 


I really love this triangle quilt. Superdeeduper cute.


Mmmm. Pressed Italian sandwiches. These look delicious right now. 


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