Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sewing a Ruffle

If you know me you know I loooove ruffles. A lot. I have made a few ruffled items that you can see the tutorials for (ruffle t-shirt pillow, ruffle wallet) and then there are some ruffly items that have made it to my Pinterest boards. Like... ruffle dish towel, ruffle aprons, ruffle curtains, ruffle headband, ruffle pillows, and my golly ruffle Bible cases. Oh stop it.
In the pillow tutorial I sorta explained how to sew a ruffle but I don't think it was very clear. So. This post it designated completely on how to sew a ruffle.

First your going to want to cut out your fabric. Cut it bigger than you want it to be in the end. The bigger you cut it the more ruffle you can have.
Get out the sewing machine and turn the stitch to the biggest it can go. Sew along both sides.

Bring the both threads to the same side. You do this by pulling one thread until you get a loop. Then you pull the loop through.
(side note: I had a snazzy collage all made up for you with more specific directions and a whole lot of arrows to show you how to do this. However, blogger is being a pain and says I don't have enough file size to upload it. Gr.  So I suppose we will just have to go with pictures in a column. Bummer. Anyone know how to fix this problem?)

On one side take a pin and pin it close to the to strands of thread. Take both pieces of thread and around the pin, down and across, around, up and across, around. Repeat this several times on both sides.
(Please excuse the massive fray alert going on on the right side)

Take one strand of thread and pull it till it is all cinched up. 

Carefully pull the cinched up fabric apart, until you get the size you need and the amount of ruffle you want. 

Switch your stitch size back to normal and sew below the bigger stitches. 

And you my friends are all done. 
Pretty simple! Now go sew bunches of darling ruffle items.

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