Monday, August 13, 2012

Some will be coming!

Well I feel very bad, sorry, and all the other words that go along those two. I simply feel this way because I don't think I have wrote 1 post this entire summer that has been worth reading. ((looks down in shame))
I am very thankful for Megan who does keep up with this blog more often than me, but feel awful I've done like nothing!
I do have some excuses :)
I have been camping/vacationing a lot (but yes I have been home a lot too)
I do things, but totally forget to take pictures (okay thats a bad excuse)
Our computer is super duper slow! You remember those one types of computers that you have to have on a big 'ole desk and plug into the wall?! Yah, thats the kind we have...if only I could just sit on the couch and write a post! ((dreaming here)) Right now I am currently writing this on my phone actually because the computer is frozen. again. Any-who enough with the computer excuse :)
Last, but not least, I'm pretty sure my moms camera is on its last leg :( Almost every picture I take turns out either a) pixy with little fussy dots everywhere or b) the color is horrible and turns out nothin' like the true color! I plan to buy my own soon...oh to be able to take pictures as good as Megan + Melaine ((again dreaming))
With school coming soon I hope to be able to write some more because of the handy dandy laptop they provide for us! You may be thinking School? Soon? It is still the middle of August?! Well sadly I start back up in 1 week...August 22. O yippee-de-doo! Not.
As the title of this post did say 'Some will be coming' I pinky promise they will be! I have all the pictures taken, some (horribly) edited, but no words written so I hope to finish a few tonight! May mean I'll be up 'till 2am but whatever it takes I'm determined!

Have an awesome rest of your week!

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