Friday, August 24, 2012

This + That

Well as Megan mentioned earlier this week we are back in school, yah, I know, super sad! One of the fantastic things of going back to school is getting my laptop back. Yah! This means I will be able to post more + make the posts fast aka no more super slow internet. 

I actually did not stay up that one night when I said I was going to (fail...was in bed at like 9:30), so I don't have any written. But, I am in the process of downloading tons of pictures. 

For now I am just going to show you some pretty things that I think you will enjoy :) 
{Sorta like the 5 things Friday Megan did last week and Insta Friday because all these pictures were taken with Instagram!}


Oreo pie...kinda drawing a blank on what you call it. But, this stuff is the best dessert ever. Especially if you make it with Moose Tracks ice cream instead of vanilla. Just thought I would let you know because I would not want you to miss out on the goodness!


My grandparents house on the lake. One of my most favorite spots. I spent countless days here during this blazing hot summer!


It seems to be that Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite flavor of ice cream! What's yours? 


Two of my favorite things to wear. My green pants + yellow ON shoes/wedges. 


Are these things not some of the cutest things you have ever seen or what? They are little buckets/containers. They are currently holding lots of my sewing stuff. They also match perfectly with my new (not so much anymore) room. 

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!
Next week you should hopefully be seeing more regular posts coming from me :)



Megan has showed you a couple times what she has been making for craft show this year, and I wanted to let you know that I have been making stuff too. But, you see, they are kinda almost all sold right now so I need to make some more so I can take pictures! What am I making? Bags. {library tote, beach bag, purse...etc.} I will try to make + have pictures up asap!


Melanie said...

My favorite ice cream would probably have to be majestic milky way. If not that then probably chocolate! Love your shoes :)

Marissa said...

I'm with you. I love mint chocolate chip!

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