Friday, September 28, 2012

Five Things Friday

Happy Friday!
Your week of working + studying hard will be done soon if it has not already.

Today my five things have no theme at all - just random. 

1. I ordered this shirt online last week. I hope to wear it for our family pictures which we will be getting taken next month. 

{It was a very jane deal, and link has expired}

2. Seeing as Navy + Green seems to be so popular right now I decided to look for a green necklace to wear with it. I found this one online at Francesca's collections. 

3. Bubble Necklace have been extremely popular right now. It seems that every blog I turn to some person is wearing one.  I debated on pairing one with the shirt instead, but I think it would be a little to balky. But the other day I did find a mini ones online. 

4. Have you seen the recipe for these cookies on Melanie's blog? They are to. die. for. Megan brought me one today and I savored every bite of it. You need to make then as soon as possible. 

5. As mentioned earlier I found that necklace online at Francesca's. Have you ever been in there store? You should. I love going in there when we are at the mall. The other day I spotted these two iPhone cases. Love them! You may see my phone wrapped in one of them someday :)

Have an spectacular weekend! 

p.s. Sorry for the blurriness in some pictures. I'll work on that...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Craft Show Randomness {Washi Tape}

As mentioned before craft show season is here. It is slowly creeping up on me, and will be here before I know it. Little by little I have been doing various things to get ready. 

One of the things I did this weekend was make some tags. I knew I wanted different tags than I used last year. Those were just ugly! So, I looked to my faithful friend Pinterest for some help. 

If you are on Pinterest at all you hopefully have noticed that washi tape is 'in' right now. You may have also noticed that kraft paper is in. Those two things put together = awesomeness to me. 

Washi tape is not that cheap though, so I was not sure how I would be able to find some, besides ordering it. But, while we were camping in Ludington this summer it rained one day. A lot. So, we got out and went into town. There is this super awesome craft store there, so we decided to go to it. And man, I am sooo glad we did. I walked in and what did I see?! Washi Tape! I was even more excited when I read that it was sold by the yard. 

I did all I could to not buy every single pattern of it. Instead I decided on six different ones. So, that is where some of my washi tape came from. End of that story, now on to another.

Another time while we were grabing school supplies I noticed some on the selves of Target. It was like heaven again. It came in packs of 4 + each one had a different pattern + color. {plus, it was not-so-expensive like all the ones online} Of course I got some! End of story #2. 

Your probably bored of me just blabbing about my washi tape stories, and are wondering what the final product looked like. Well here you go...

 Washi tape: Target, and Scrapbook Nook - Kraft Paper: Hobby Lobby

I love love love how they turned out, and they look like I turned into a pro tag maker compared to last years.
This is what they look like with the flowers on!

Now I just need to make some for my bags. Once those are finished I'll be sure to show you :)

Have a great week.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Five Things Friday

Friday is here again! Weekends have become my best friends. I cherish them so much.
And with Friday here, I've got 5 of some of my favorite things lately.

1. My sisters homemade mac n cheese. It puts Kraft mac n cheese to shame. 

2. A couple weeks ago I posted about my love for Old Navy. Well here is my latest obsession from them. And guess what?! I ordered it just the other day. I can't wait for it to arrive on our doorstep. Now to complete the look I just gotta get a hold of colored pants.... :)

3. Just like Taylor I am superdeeduper excited for Fall! And guess what!? Tomorrow is the official start of fall! Boot weather is here at last.

4. This week in English I had a life changing experience. I had my first scone. And it was like a little piece of heaven. If I were a baker, I'd have some apple caramel scones right in front of me at this moment.

5. With craft shows comin up, my eyes have been on these darling vintage wire baskets to hold button ups and zips.

Enjoy your much deserved weekend!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Itty Bitty Owl

So, I've got this thing for owls. I think they are darling. Not the real kind. No thank-you. Their yellow eyes are a little haunting if you ask me. 
But, if you get a styrofoam ball, and some felt. I'd say you got a cute owl. 
(the site I use to edit pictures is not working :(. So here is a fresh, picture, Taken at 8:00 PM.)
As I was browsing Pinterest, I came across these itty bitty things. Now, you've got options with this craft. They lovely people over at that blog give you two different owl templates to choose from. I went with owl #1 (blue one) but choose whatever one you please!

Shall we make one together?
Heres what you need to make Owl #1
(remember... this is what I used for owl #1, I am not sure if the amount of felt will be different for #2)

Styrofoam ball- you can get these at hobby lobby, but they are oddly expensive. I mean its styrofoam, you wouldn't think they'd be pricey, but they are, so use a coupon!

around 3 sheets of felt
(1 for the back feathers and the top of head (mine is purple), 1/2 for the back of eyes (mine is blue), 1/2 for the front feathers (white), small amount for beak/ears, and then for the eyes (you can use googly eyes if you want)

Hot glue
A template from here

Start off by flattening out the bottom of your styrofoam ball. Just press it against it against a hard surface.

Cut out the pieces from the template.
For piece 1 (piece #1 of eye, mine is blue): cut 1
piece 2 (piece #2 of eye, mine is blue): cut 1
piece 3 (feathers, 2 colors for this! Mine are purple and white): start off with 10-15 of each (you may need more or less in the end)
piece 4 (ears, beak): cut 3
piece 5 (top of head piece, mine is purple): cut 1

Cut your feather pieces in half

Start gluing your feather pieces on. Go from bottom up (don't go to the very top!), staggering them along the way.

Glue on the beak.

Once you've got all of the feathers and the beak on, take piece #1 and 2. Lay #1 (or the bigger piece) near the top of the ball. Make sure that the tops of the white feathers are covered slightly. If they are not, you may need to cut more.

Get the bigger one of piece 1 and 2 and put a strip of glue on the bump parts and the sides. Glue it to the ball

On the top, if the felt doesn't lay flat you can cut small triangles here and there so it lays flat.

Next do the previous two steps with #2.

Take the triangular piece (#5) glue the point glue the point to where the bumps on the eye pieces dip in. Glue the sides half way up, but leave the top up. It may look like a nifty cape.

Take your ears and put a strip of glue on an edge and push them together. Glue these ears under the top.

You may need to use the triangle technique with the cape piece also. Just glue that down.

Cut a few more feathers to cover the line of the top head piece.

Glue the eyes in place. For mine I cut small white circles and black eyeish shapes. You can also use googly eyes. That's what they used in the original.

Pick off all the glue strings (Beware. There are tons)

And you've got  yourself a cute little owl!

Here are some previous owly crafts (pillow, bag) Then we come to these cookies, and the eyes on these are spectacularly creative! Golly, love them too pieces. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Things Friday: Fall Things

I am so happy that fall is finally here! It is my favorite time of year because layers are in, craft show seasons is starting, and it's not too hot yet not to cold!

I've been on Pinterest lately {of course}, and have definitely been pinning some fall things. I am going to give you a little glimpse to what some of them are, but if you like to see more go ahead and check out my Pinterest boards!

Here is one outfit that I am loving: 

Scarfs always seem to be in style, and I love love love her boots. I am determined to find a pair this year!


These fall letters are the perfect way to spice up your door or any spot in your house! 


{no source}

Carmel apples go along with apple picking, which is always fun to do. Not sure how many apples you will be able to find this fall because of the odd weather, but otherwise just grab some from the store and make these. I personally like the idea of having bite sizes like this because I don't think I would have as bad of a problem getting sticky :)

Craft Idea: 

I said it reminds me of craft shows, and here is an easy display you could do at one. Maybe you make jewelry or a hangable item?! You could grab a frame, paint it fantastic color, add some nice fabric, adorable hooks, then you are good to go!


Fall colors are always so pretty to see. It awesome to watch leaves change colors each year. These five colors above remind me of fall 100%! 

That's my five things for this friday!

Have a good weekend {and enjoy the fallish weather}! 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{The Everything} Bag

I gave you a sneak peak on Sunday of these bags, but it was no where near doing justice. My sunday afternoons have been turned into sewing time. With school, and homework my free time is slowly being taken away. Therefore, sunday afternoon works the best!

These bags will be making an appearance at at least 3 craft shows this fall. Would you like to come see them in person {along with some hoop art}? If so, make sure you make your way to either the 1st Reformed Church of Zeeland, Byron Center, or the Hudsonville Lion's Club craft show.  

Without further ado, here are some bags!

*don't mind the horrible photography or my lack of backdrop {deck outside} - I am building something awesome to replace*

 {lined with orange + don't worry i've already fixed the unevenness at the bottom}

 {lined with light pink}

 {lined with a white}

 {lined with either turquoise, or pink}

 {lined with orange}

 {lined with a dark orange}

 {lined with a green}

 {lined with cream}

 This one is my personal favorite, I am totally going to make one for myself asap. 
{lined with a tanish color}

{lined with light pink}

Each bag is lined with a single color fabric {noted below picture}, and is about 18 inches long, and 16 inches wide. The fabric used is not your typical fabric either, instead it is called Printed Duck {pretty much the same feeling as canvas}. They can be used for various things. So far I have used them for a purse, gym bag, library tote, beach tote, binder/book bag, and other odds + ins. 

Did you like them? Which one if your favorite? 


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Guess what I did today? 

Come back later this week to see individual pictures!

Happy Sunday!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Latest Obsession : Hoop Art!

Happy Saturday to you! Hope you are enjoying the nice fall weather today!

Not only have I been making bags, but I also having been playing around with embroidery hoops. I first saw this idea on pinterest (duh), then a blog, and now I have my own. 

What I love about making these is that there are sooo many different options of what to do with them. Some of my favorites are picking out various fabrics to go together, and then figuring out what words to add.

Here are some of the first pictures I saw of hoop art. I am excited to continue making them!

 top two are from some etsy shop, but I forget the name...whoops. 

{how adorable is she?}

last two via

What do you think of them? Yay or Nay? 

Have a fantastic rest of your weekend!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Five Things Friday: Old Navy Favorites

And... we have finally come to another Friday. I though it'd never come. But lo and behold, it has arrived!

Want to know something? Old Navy is one of my all time favorite clothing stores. On earth. It may be because it is my go to place for jeans (because boy oh boy. Jeans+me does not equal happiness all the time) or it may be because of their ridiculously low prices they have on their stuff. And they have a sale  about every single week. 
 (No, Old Navy is not paying me to say this stuff for them. rude. It's all from the heart)

I really love the whole colored pants trend going on now. But, I can't quite see me pulling off something so vibrant on my bottom half. Plus, I'm not so sure what color I like best. I think I'm liking red or coral pants best. I like these kapris sort of things, however, they don't come in red. So just picture them red or coral for now. 
What do you color do guys like best with this 'new' trend going around?

Don't these shorts just about make you want to go run a marathon? 

Getting sick of me blabbing about scarves? Here's another one for now. :)


And you can never have too many cardigans. Even if they are simple like this one.

A simple tee would go perfect under that red cardigan. 

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