Monday, September 24, 2012

Craft Show Randomness {Washi Tape}

As mentioned before craft show season is here. It is slowly creeping up on me, and will be here before I know it. Little by little I have been doing various things to get ready. 

One of the things I did this weekend was make some tags. I knew I wanted different tags than I used last year. Those were just ugly! So, I looked to my faithful friend Pinterest for some help. 

If you are on Pinterest at all you hopefully have noticed that washi tape is 'in' right now. You may have also noticed that kraft paper is in. Those two things put together = awesomeness to me. 

Washi tape is not that cheap though, so I was not sure how I would be able to find some, besides ordering it. But, while we were camping in Ludington this summer it rained one day. A lot. So, we got out and went into town. There is this super awesome craft store there, so we decided to go to it. And man, I am sooo glad we did. I walked in and what did I see?! Washi Tape! I was even more excited when I read that it was sold by the yard. 

I did all I could to not buy every single pattern of it. Instead I decided on six different ones. So, that is where some of my washi tape came from. End of that story, now on to another.

Another time while we were grabing school supplies I noticed some on the selves of Target. It was like heaven again. It came in packs of 4 + each one had a different pattern + color. {plus, it was not-so-expensive like all the ones online} Of course I got some! End of story #2. 

Your probably bored of me just blabbing about my washi tape stories, and are wondering what the final product looked like. Well here you go...

 Washi tape: Target, and Scrapbook Nook - Kraft Paper: Hobby Lobby

I love love love how they turned out, and they look like I turned into a pro tag maker compared to last years.
This is what they look like with the flowers on!

Now I just need to make some for my bags. Once those are finished I'll be sure to show you :)

Have a great week.

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