Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Things Friday: Fall Things

I am so happy that fall is finally here! It is my favorite time of year because layers are in, craft show seasons is starting, and it's not too hot yet not to cold!

I've been on Pinterest lately {of course}, and have definitely been pinning some fall things. I am going to give you a little glimpse to what some of them are, but if you like to see more go ahead and check out my Pinterest boards!

Here is one outfit that I am loving: 

Scarfs always seem to be in style, and I love love love her boots. I am determined to find a pair this year!


These fall letters are the perfect way to spice up your door or any spot in your house! 


{no source}

Carmel apples go along with apple picking, which is always fun to do. Not sure how many apples you will be able to find this fall because of the odd weather, but otherwise just grab some from the store and make these. I personally like the idea of having bite sizes like this because I don't think I would have as bad of a problem getting sticky :)

Craft Idea: 

I said it reminds me of craft shows, and here is an easy display you could do at one. Maybe you make jewelry or a hangable item?! You could grab a frame, paint it fantastic color, add some nice fabric, adorable hooks, then you are good to go!


Fall colors are always so pretty to see. It awesome to watch leaves change colors each year. These five colors above remind me of fall 100%! 

That's my five things for this friday!

Have a good weekend {and enjoy the fallish weather}! 


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